15 Companies with Zero Debt

Throughout the financial crisis, large debt loads weighed on company balance sheets and had serious implications for the firms that let their borrowing get out of control.

Other companies, however, have a history of operating with low debt levels, and many choose to issue no debt at all. Instead of debt, these companies hold cash and liquid investments in order to make acquisitions

EA is listed in the slide show of 15 company profiles with the numbers.

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Darkstorn3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )


Either it's a sign that some of these companies have sustainable investment and marketing practices, or they don't pay much in taxes due to exploitable loopholes.

Still, this is barely worth approving because there is only one actual gaming company listed.

N4GAddict3005d ago

I wish I was that rich.

Theonetheonly3004d ago

if their earnings are in us currency its not even real money. judt debt created by the banks through loans.

read up.

Darkstorn3004d ago

I know you're trying to weasel in a criticism of a fiat monetary system (and subsequent support of a so-called 'gold standard'), but it's completely irrelevant. This article is only in reference to presumed debt levels (and yes, in US currency).

N4GAddict3005d ago

Kind of surprise to see EA up there.

Blacktric3005d ago

Activision! Oh wait they have serious debt to us gamers who bought their crappy games without knowing what's gonna happen at the end.

Sashamaz3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Their greatness.
Go back to Konafail

Blacktric3004d ago

Konafail? I don't play most of their games besides Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill. If you call, getting insulted by a CEO greatness then just go and keep buying games published by them day 1. I love Activision published games (unfortunately). I like Call Of Duty games and I like Raven Software titles for example but I'll never buy them "day 1" since they are all working with or for Activision.

Spenok3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

So wait, your saying you enjoy Activision games, like CoD and Raven Softwares games... but you wont buy them just because they work with/for Activision?

Alos883005d ago

Thank God Activision isn't on that list.

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