CCI: Witchblade Goes From Comic To Console

At Comic-Con International in San Diego, Top Cow Productions announced its development of a "Witchblade" video game based on the comic book company's flagship character. But getting Sara from the paneled page to the digital realm isn't as easy as eviscerating a pack of thugs with a sentient artifact — there is a considerable amount of steps involved when it comes to bringing a video game to life, let alone a game based off of a comic book character. CBR News spoke with Top Cow President Matt Hawkins to learn more about the "Witchblade" game and its development process.

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Spenok3060d ago

Very nice, if done right this could be pretty bad ass. I wonder how there going to make Sara's character model, seeing as how she has so many looks. Ill keep my eye's open for this one.