David Jaffe clarifies Twisted Metal’s single player campaign details

Eat Sleep Play’s David Jaffe clarifies some of the Twisted Metal’s single player campaign details that were revealed at Comic-Con 2010.

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-Mezzo-3010d ago

Can't wait for this game, i have so many great memories attached to this series, *Played It with my Brother* all the time, Guess we're up for another round. =]

rroded3010d ago

cant see em passing up on making some killer dlc for this if it sells half as well as i hope.

Spenok3008d ago

Hell yeah. I wonder how much this game is going to improve from its first showing to when it finally releases.

KILLERAPP3010d ago

Tell me if I got this right we get to play as only 3 characters but we can play in 16 different cars of other characters and each car will get their own story and ending and we get a different ending when playing in different difficulties, also we get different level when playing with different characters is not going to be death match all the time there will be challenges and different things and there will be more bosses than in any other TM game, did I get it right????

Silver_Faux3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

no u wont get a different ending based on what car you pick. as said there are 9 different endings based on playing either 3 characters at the 3 different difficulty levels. so for each character there is 3 different endings.

but everything else u said is right

SoapShoes3010d ago

Only 3 stories, not every car has a different story but different ending with different difficulties.

Nickster8003010d ago

preacher, sweet tooth, doll face, and grimm. I don't like the sound of this, Jaffe's just changing the game to much,its nothing like the rest of the series, I mean I was fine with the online (except the helicopter), as long as he kept the offline original, but then he had to change it to instead of 16 endings and stories he made 12. So I don't know if I even know if I want the new TM any more, for some reason I think the new TMs gonna be a fail because there changing it up to much so I doubt old TM fans (like me) are even gonna like!

kanetheking3010d ago

let that guy try some new stuff and stfu.or if everyone acted like. u we would be using some old ass tech.

ZeroX98763010d ago

thanks for the clarification! with all the awesome thing that is coming from this game ( local coop, multiplayer splitscreen offline and online, story mode revamped) this game is going to be EPIC!

xskipperx823010d ago

Only 3 characters???? That's freakin' dumb.

Silly gameAr3010d ago

I kind of agree with you there. There are so many great characters in the TM universe, why focus on just 3. I guess (hope) Jaffe knows what he's doing though.

Blaze9293010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

3 characters and only 16 cars? only 16?

starting to wonder what kind of game this is turning out to be. Hopefully not a $60 one

KwietStorm3010d ago

The lack of characters is debatable, but what do you mean 'only' 16 cars? And $60 is standard price. Why would you expect anything different?

mrv3213010d ago

I'm starting to wonder why I can't see the future and why I'm the ONLY one who remembers the past.

You remember all the articles about Jaffe being a liar... you know and having a go at him

I don't remember hearing you play the full singleplayer, how is it? Oh wait that's right you didn't

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The story is too old to be commented.