GACKT Is Bringing Sexy Back... To RPGs

If you want to promote a game in Japan, what better way than to use one of the country's biggest stars?

A while ago, it was announced that popular Japanese singer, actor and all-round sexy man GACKT will sing the theme song "Ever" for the upcoming RPG Dragon Nest. He will also voice the game's not-so-scary antagonist.

"Ever" has finally been released. It is GACKT's thirty-eighth single and first with his new recording label Avex Group...

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dizzleK3061d ago

and people wonder why jrpgs aren't popular in the west. :/

George Sears3061d ago

No wonder why we see all these puny guys in JRPGs. They like dudes that look like girls.

MaideninBlack3061d ago

How is this guy sexy again?

Raypture3061d ago

Visual Kei, think gay bar fashion + goths in america.

Japanese singers are great once if you don't listen to songs for hidden meanings and like the beat, then you just have to get past the wacky outfits (most) of them wear. Forgot the fanbase, completely ignore the fanbase, it's mostly horrible.

Darkfiber3060d ago

I used to think this chick was hot until I found out it was a dude.