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Montrealien3060d ago

yep, this is great news. People still played it live until they shut it down for good. This is one of the best Street fighters.

Simon_Brezhnev3060d ago

Well this is good news i love this way more then the draw back SF4 & SSF4. I guess next is SF Alpha 3 online thats probably my favorite in the SF series.

Reibooi3060d ago

Oh man I REALLY hope Alpha 3 gets online at some point. Would be so awesome.

waltyftm3060d ago

Alpha 3 was the greatest Sf game ever imo.

scar203060d ago

thats wat i was thinking if u go in to the psn store to buy avatars they have sfa3 and 3rd strike avatars

xino3060d ago

I was wondering why they uploaded avatars for them in the first place.

UnSelf3060d ago

Wow Capcom is on a rollllllll

ranmafandude3060d ago

they going back to their hardcore roots.

Sigh3060d ago

HOLY MOLY. Great news!

KillerPwned3060d ago

Ironic and i was just playing this on my dreamcast. I will deff buy this day one

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The story is too old to be commented.