Slow and steady,how much do APM’s really matter in SC2?

What matters more, a valid strategy or insane clicking and button pressing skills? APM's or Actions Per Minute, are seen as so important in StarCraft 2 that the replays actually offer an APM meter. It makes sense since this isn't a turn based game getting more done every minute seems like an obvious way to win. However it is not the be all end all of the game.

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fortehhordes3009d ago

APM in StarCraft is the whole game unfortunately from what I get. Anyone actually playing the beta and get a different idea?

il-mouzer3008d ago

I wasn't in the beta but I know some friends of mine who had early access, he wasn't so concerned about APMs, this guy tends to be over dramatic most of the time.

In my opinion, taking a game too seriously ruins all the fun - that's why I'll only be gaming with my brother in-law.

Raypture3008d ago

A balance, you can have a million actions per minute but if your strategy is crap you're not going to suck, and you can have a brilliant strategy but if you can't execute it fast enough you're going to suck as well.

IvanC3008d ago

Is Starcraft II not really for someone who just wants to play casually online? I know there is a whole industry based around it with professionals and all, but can you set yourself to like a casual non ranked mode? Or is everyone I play against going to be extremely serious and running the same "optimized" build order?

il-mouzer3008d ago

no, I used to play SC with my friends in college - I can't vouch for the extent SC2 will have however I'm pretty sure I'll be playing it in a non-competitive environment.

rawrockkillz3008d ago

You can play custom games that are unranked or play with your friends against the A.I. The mods that will be rolling out will be super fun!

IvanC3008d ago

Thanks for the info guys, going to pick it up tomorrow if I can find it in the stores.