TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea: Interview with Producer Brian Knox

The MMO landscape is awash with immigrants that migrate from one title to another, seeking that one game that resonates with them as players and that they can call home. When a new MMO releases, servers of established titles see a population drop and wait patiently for players to tire of the new release and return. It's a battle for customers, a war waged where content is paramount to holding an audience and dev teams bank (literally and figuratively) on return business.

If anyone should know should know about the pitfalls most modern MMOs encounter and how to avoid them, Knox should. The first question tossed his way was what he sees as the most common traps MMOs fall into and how he hopes TERA will avoid them.

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moe843193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

I've been keeping an eye on this game. Hopefully they don't mess up too much! =)

Darkfiber3192d ago

The fact that this game isn't more popular is criminal. It looks and plays so much better than big upcoming MMOs (Final Fantasy XIV and The Old Republic in particular) but because it doesn't have some game franchise/licensed name attached to it, it'll never get the attention it deserves. Shame.