Netlfix or Hulu Plus? Your Gaming Dollar

TGS: "Netflix now has some competition in the console streaming race, and when trying to estimate value from the two services one comes out clearly on top."

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ClownBelt3060d ago

None. Go get Direct TV bitches.

playstation_clan3060d ago

if hulu is only 10 dollars a month, i pay 5 times that for cable which i dont even watch. So i can save money by just watching hulu and netflix combined!

NecrumSlavery3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

I have both Netflix and Hulu Plus..... ...And in my opinion:

Personally, Hulu plus on PS3/iPhone is much more organized than Netflix on both PS3 and 360. It's really nice to use, commercials mean only one 1-30 sec commercial. Clips only have the BROUGHT TO YOU BY 2 sec ads, and all shows and movies have 2-5 30sec commercials during their entire duration. It's not like TV where you get a 3 min block every ten mins. It's really convenient. There is a few spotty moments, but you can still chat and check mail while watching Hulu via PS3. The only complaint I have is there is such a limited selection. I assume this is because Hulu Plus is still in preview (beta)mode right now. I can also bet the 360 version of Hulu will look like a green netflix app, parties, big tv, throwing popcorn, etc. I do hope they don't change it to much from the original version, cause Hulu Plus, like I said, is very organized, and I looks great.

Netflix is very well on both PS3 and 360. The selection is a little better on PS3 since it's running through the Netflix system directly, and it's not as custom like the 360 is. But the parties and avatar grab assing on 360 with netflix is cool. I also love the online selection from Netflix. And since they are pushing to Canada, I see the selection getting more variety, since Canada is only getting the digital netflix on demand. So they should beef up the service. Plus Netflix is getting integrated into a solid PS3 app and coming soon to iPhone, similar like Hulu is.

I don't use cable anymore. Also many other sites out there work with the PS3 broswer. Like, and I also love that you can go to, enter any movie you want, getting anything in an AVI file from oldies to still in theaters movies, many in excellent quality. You can down them via PS3 browser right to the video section of your XMB. And it's completely safe, unlike torrent sites that can sneak viruses onto your computer.

But if I had to only have one, it'll be Netflix,since I am a tv liker, and a film lover. But both services are great, and between 360's mediacenter, the PS3 Browser, and other various programs like BBC TV, PlayTV, PlayOn, there really is no reason to have cable. I haven't missed paying 100 dollars for cable. Not one bit.

mikeslemonade3060d ago

Problem is I want to see the certain TV shows at the same time they originally air on TV. I don't like watching something that days or weeks old. The sports definitely needs to be instant.

D4RkNIKON3060d ago

Yeah I have both Netflix and Hulu Plus on my PS3 and they are both really similar. The differences are pretty much that Hulu is mainly TV show based and Netflix is Movie based. They both offer movies and tv but their content is a little different.

Godmars2903060d ago

Netflix is not only better than HBO, its cheaper.

imec3060d ago

GT5 has absolutely nothing to do with this article. A conductive poster would at least make some sort of effort to keep the discussion relevant as to avoid unneeded strife.

But why am I telling you this? That's most likely the reason you are posting.

Redrum0593060d ago

lol u guys just cracked me up XD
bubbles to both of you.

and u too steven colbert

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PSfan093060d ago

direct tv is too much money, you rarely watch all those channels

ijkabob3060d ago

Isn't HULU free on PS3?

Whats that? they removed the free version several months ago?

And you go on to say that they are now charging us for it?

Well that sucks...

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pangitkqb3060d ago

Hulu Plus seemed a bit "off" to me as a service and now I see why.

Elven63060d ago

Getting rid of the free option entirely was a mistake in my opinion, had they kept that along with the Plus service they might have had a better leg to battle Netflix with.

Much like the console war, it seems brand loyalty will play a part. :P

Does anyone know when/if Hulu Plus will make it to the 360/Wii if at all?

Godmars2903060d ago

Not offering a "free" option through Hulu+ is mistake to me. Its still there on the PC, but they've gone and crippled access to it from any other device.

ActionBastard3060d ago

There is no word on Wii, but 360 is 2011.

3060d ago
microsoft-soldiers3060d ago

i wish that the netflix version of of the ps3 has party chat. that would be awesome

AKS3060d ago

I don't watch much TV and stopped subscribing to cable years ago. I watch movies through netflix. They have lots of Blu-rays, which is great for me.

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