SDCC 10: Nicole Can Kill Isaac in Dead Space 2

IGN writes:

During a Dead Space panel at Comic-Con today, developer Visceral Games showed some interesting footage from a motion capture session for Dead Space 2. In the scene were the actors playing our hero Isaac Clark and the one that got away, Nicole.

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Hellsvacancy3012d ago

Y on earth would u wanna give the game away, plot wise, i had 4-gotten about Nicoles character, spoilt in now, it wasnt even like i could of avoided it with a title like it has

Meh, another reason y i shall b rentin Dead Space 2 rather then buyin it day 1 like i did the 1st game

- Ghost of Sparta -3012d ago

Way to over react, and what do you mean "another reason"? Dead Space is one of the best new IP's of this generation.

SeanRL3012d ago

Renting it because of this is definitely over the top, but it's pretty bad that they would reveal such an important part of the game. It will still be good, but I'll hate knowing what's gonna happen.

Cheeseknight283012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Semi-related random fact:

(Spoilers for the original Dead Space, but then again this article title practically gives it away...)

Take the first letter of each chapter of the original game and it spells out "Nicole is dead"

Spenok3010d ago

Thats actually pretty cool. I would have never thought to look that up. Nice find.

Alos883012d ago

Issac: What? No I didn't! And you can talk? Way to kill the horror factor, zombies should never talk.

N4BmpS3012d ago

Need to buy Dead Space

3012d ago
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