inFamous 2: Cole Redesigned Look Revealed?

Sucker Punch seems to reveal the new design of Cole at the current point in development, and it certainly comes a lot closer to the original design.

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LEO_cst4019d ago

he looks good.

no homo.

Vojkan4019d ago

he looks like becham ugh

Xulap4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

He looks like David Beckham and Justin Timberlake had a baby. No homo... Or is it?

Edit: By the way, I'm not complaining at all. I'm fine either way. I don't care about his looks, as long as the game is good.

fishd4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

Who care sabout his face,most of the time we are looking at his ass,they should improve dat ass

no homo XD

Disclaimer:This is a joke post!!!

Shuklar4018d ago

That was good. Bubble for you :D.

I hope there's more side missions from the last one. With this new change, we should get upgradable knee-pads, and as our skills progress we should be able to serve more than one client at the same time.

nickjkl4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

i like the first cole and second one but that one is just

besides at comic con sucker punch said they had 4 coles at any given time during development that they can exchange when ever they want

Gamerbee4018d ago

strut strut struttin that ass.

Reibooi4018d ago

Personally I liked the new Cole. The original is such a generic looking character and his look didn't fit how cool a character he was. He looked like generic bald space marine but in a city.

The new Cole looked alot cooler and why people though NO NOES HE IS TO DIFFERENT is beyond me. What people can't grow hair in gaming? That's bad somehow? Really?

His new look fit the new location meaning it was a new interesting look in a new interesting place. But now it's gonna be a new interesting place with the same ole generic looking Cole.

FunAndGun4018d ago

I would do the original Cole.

Yes Homo.

JoySticksFTW4018d ago

Well, at least he ain't happy Cole

Chubear4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

ahhh, that's better. Now THAT's the Cole I Know. That whole metrosexual look was just a cruel joke I see.... I see N4g users aren't actually reading the articles but instead going off headline&pic w/ headline

Good ol N4G users :)

sikbeta4018d ago

Is more close to the Old Cole...

Mozef4018d ago

LOL "most of the time we are looking at his ass"
I couldn't say it better.

Shani4018d ago

lot closer to David Beckham...
and yes.. closer to original Cole too..

kunit22c4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

he looks slightly familiar

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Greywulf4019d ago

Sucker Punch should have just went in whichever direction their Art Directors ( the people that got the jobs ) decided to go for the title.

They will never please anyone, it was stupid to do a re-design. People complain online just to complain. Now you're going to hear all the people say that they want the old/new design back. Even if this is fake, its still not fake that SP is re-designing cole again.

I'm willing to bet that the most vocal about the issue didn't even play the first one. And more than likely don't even own a PS3.

Its not like anyone has ever not bought a game, regardless of quality, due to how the protagonist looks.


drdre744018d ago

Well Sucka Punch keeps saying they want Infamous 2 to be as good as Uncharted 2 so what they did was change Cole to be a Drake pretty boy clone. Thats what I hate about the new design. Why do all main characters have to be pretty boys. Cole could pass as evil or good in the first game but this new design he doesnt look like he can pass as evil just good. plus its just a bad design over all.

Snoogins4018d ago

Disliked the new Cole at first, but grew to like him. Looked more appropriate for the role: settled-in, confident, more urban; progressed. People sometimes lack an open mind and it caused the developers to doubt themselves to appease the insecurities of the fanbase. I wish Sucker Punch would give us the option to play as either the more popular look or the less-than-popular.

SeanRL4018d ago

Just make a couple different possible skins for people to use, old cole, new cole, some variations and a couple joke costumes. Everyone wins.

Dead_Cell4018d ago

All the crying over a character skin shows just how immature the gaming public is, and why the majority of industries don't take gaming seriously.

Calm down kids, it was only a bit of hair.



i disagree, we dont even know what SP had in store for us if we played as evil Cole in inFamous. I seriously doubt SP kept the blue for good red for bad cole. For all we know he could turn into a monster and look completly different from what we have seen. Hell the old Cole could be the bad Cole.

Heisenberg4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

It was completely unnecessary, the game was very well received; it was just an extremely odd risk to take, and the effect was quite jarring. But nonetheless they seemed to be making it work, because they're badass developers, but now to redesign him again to try to crowd please again, and making him look closer to the old Cole no less....

I like that they listen to fan feedback, but in the end, they can't let internet forums call the shots, I wish they would be more secure in their artistic vision, because they clearly have the talent. Listening to too much of the crap people write can poison their vision, I hope in future they make the whole game the way they see fit from the beginning. Having said that, the game is going to be fuckin sick either way, that's already a given.

x5exotic4018d ago

@drdre nate's design isnt good after all...kinda looks fat in gameplay and the way he jumps is funny xD

SpinalRemains1384018d ago

PPl do complain just to cpmplain, but C'mon; the new Cole was horrendous. Why did they change him to begin with? It's bad enough we get different actors for sequels. Do we really need to put up with that in a digital world where it isn't necessary? If ppl aren't buying the game for the characters looks, then why change it to begin with?

The whole character redesign plan was a boneheaded move to begin with. Stay true to your character design and stop trying to make your lead role Ross from Friends. Gay isn't better when it comes to a guy who destroys things.

4018d ago
JoySticksFTW4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

"All the crying over a character skin shows just how immature the gaming public is, and why the majority of industries don't take gaming seriously."

You mean like how fans of the "superior" movie industry cried when Val Kilmer replaced Michael Keaton as Batman.

Then cried again when George Clooney replaced Kilmer as Batman

And creid when they put nipples on Batman's costume

Then cried some more saying Heath Ledger would NEVER be as good as Jack Nicholson was at playing the Joker

And that's just one Movie franchise

Don't get me started on the bawling over Star Wars changes, Lord of the Rings changes / omissions, Spiderman's Venom saying "I" instead of "we", X-men's Rogue calling herself "Marie"

When there's changes - goofy or justified, fans of ALL entertainment outlets cry -- not just the "immature gaming public"

djfullshred4012d ago

Power to the people. Keep shouting louder over those that would have us shut up!

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Poseidon4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

loks like a cool new coleslaw

N4BmpS4018d ago

Yeah he looks cool I hope they don't cover up his tattoos.

And I actually grow frustrated of all the comparisons although he does kind of look like Beckham but that's not my point Cole is Cole and this Cole and the other was cool.

Poseidon4018d ago

kratos is one bad motherfocker

spooky2054018d ago

All his hair fell out because he shares genes with Dr. Evil.

Well in the first game cole got blown the hell up. So it was quite obvious he wasnt gonna look his best. Okay new look, makes sense, trying to be inconspicous at least until he shoots lighting OUT OF HIS FREAKING HANDS! I didnt mind the new cole at all but all they really had to do in my opinion is keep the badass voice actor. This other guy has a high pitched voice that just doesnt suit the evil cole. Maybe in infamous 2 we were to play as this alternate universe cole?

TROLL EATER4018d ago

they keep makin it worse. just cover his face up like a superhero

MrRockman644018d ago

OH yeah i bet you look so Macho and Manly!!!, dont make those stupid comments if you dont know what kind of words you are gonna use please

nunley334018d ago

Closer to the original cole which i kinda liked maybe will be more likable in the next game. Playing with a completely different player and calling him the same guy would have been worse though,but i would still play but maybe not like it as much as uncharted 2.

jeseth4018d ago

Looks like the original Cole and a better progression of the character. Can't wait for inFamous 2!

Jazz41084018d ago

What exactly is a homo supposed to look like? People come in all shapes and colors and from all walks of life. Please think before posting a bigoted comment like that. Its not diffrent then saying no more blackie or chinc?

yoshiro4018d ago

not soo sure...but its sure looks good

meluvulongtime4018d ago

Looks better imo. The new Cole look wasn't Cole at all. Different character model, different voice, adding weapons.....I'm fine with making him a little better looking and all, they can add some tats and change his outfit, and take some edge off of his voice, but not to the point that Cole is unrecognizable from the original.

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VegaShinra4019d ago

David Beckham is that you?

HeroXIV4019d ago

And now I can't unsee it... thanks a lot. :P

redDevil874019d ago

I wanna bang the new cole.

no homo.

Why o why4019d ago

he left you....get over it

up the gooners

Boody-Bandit4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

I almost fell off my chair laughing.

StbI9904019d ago

He would bang you instead...looking tough.

alphakennybody4019d ago

that's an artwork from the first one.

ExplosionSauce4019d ago

That's what I thought too, from looking at his clothes.
Concept art maybe.

ElementX4019d ago

What's with the homo comments? Very immature.

Why o why4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

is just to say that they like another males look/persona/style without wanting to lift his shirt. Nothing wrong with that imo.

its kinda like a 'im still a heterosexual', grunt and it will be a little sad if we cannot express that.....kinda like reverse (cant think of the right word but u know what i mean)

I dont feel anybody's gone too far here (at the time of typing)

StbI9904019d ago

Seem like there is a homo disagreeing with everyone...and their no homo remark.

On topic, looks like an artwork from the first like raja said.


he guys that say "no homo" are the ones that wear pink shirts...just sayin' ;)

Colonel-Killzone4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

I think the no homo comments is more of being insecure of gays if anything. I think its immature also honestly.

If you know you said something thats in a form of being "gay" then thats ok. I know I'm not gay so I don't need to validate it in a sentence or even in a Convo saying "no homo". Seriously how many of you date girls or have a girlfriend ? I seriously don't know any females with a brain at least that would date a guy that immature honestly.

Yes you free to disagree but tell me why please ? Because I stated nothing wrong. Some of you are insecure about Gay people and feel the need to justify it saying "no homo".

Never mind this is N4G. Feel free to use the disagree button homophobic losers ^_^.

Why o why4019d ago

but i have have some on my psn list. Ive not got an issue with them at all. Each to their own....In fact elementX is on my list but i also use the term. Im not closet or homophobic....just being honest. Theres just some things that friends/people say between each other, ive even heard gays saying it so what now?? People can say racist things without being racist. Sexist things without being sexist....sometimes we all get a little too serious about things...just saying

MiamiACR4018d ago

Everyone explaining why they are not gay is very amusing to read, please continue.

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mrv3214019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

It's N4G... you really expected more?

Their funny, what else is there to say.

'Well Coles new image is certainly very respectful of the fans who made their voice heard, Coles face now shows emotion and bleakness at the same time with very deep sole behind those eyes.'- A response from your AVERAGE super art/drama/starbucks fan.

I'd rather here 'He looks hot' and I despise the artie comments... possibly worse than Omega4'S/green ring of life.

Colonel-Killzone4019d ago

I have to agree with what you said. Honestly you made some very good points. I don't know why people was dissing how he was a pretty boy. Whats wrong with being a attractive super hero ?

playstation_clan4019d ago

its the beauty of the game. i think homo comments are so 2008

thedisagreefairy4019d ago

cole. so homo! ;)

feel better now

spooky2054018d ago

phrase lifted off the Boondocks (thats the first time i heard it anyways). That show on adult swim with john witherspoon as badass belt master grandpa. He has a gangster wannabe nephew named Riley who always claims people are gay when they dont agree with him. Likewise when he agrees with someone he always claims "no homo". This is a satire on heterosexual questionable gangster rappers.

M-Easy4018d ago

True, great video but no homo has been around since like 2005.

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