5 reasons Bungie should revive Myth

Myth: The Fallen Lords, and its sequel Myth II: Soulblighter, were groundbreaking real-time strategy games launched in the late 1990s that featured innovative gameplay, 3D physics, and a compelling, unique fantasy story with some of the best writing ever to appear in an RTS. Bungie should either resurrect the franchise, or sell the IP to a company that can do it justice.

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Darkstorn3010d ago

A new Myth sequel should be their post-Reach multiplat :D

Jdoki3008d ago

That would be great.

Loved Soulblighter. Great game in every way.

Particularly the voice over guy for the tutorial! :) And the multiplayer replays were cool too and far ahead of their time.

Motion3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

This was an awesome game series, but I think Bungie already gave the game up to Take Two Interactive (who published Myth III: The Wolf Age)when they were bought my M$.