Why do sports games release a month before the season?

Next month on August 10th, Madden NFL 11 will be released in North America. The regular season of the National Football League doesn't start until early September, however. So why does EA Sports release the game so much earlier?

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zootang3034d ago

One big sports game that doesn't is Fifa. It releases a month after the season has started.

Xander7563034d ago

Nice. I don't like soccer and have never played Fifa but at least they do that right!

Claudinho693032d ago

candidate for dumbest question of the year

Mmmkay3032d ago

poker and racing are also sports...
even eating is...

spectyre3032d ago

the people that buy sports games are fans of those particular sports. I know I'm already chomping at the bit for football(U.S.) season to start. What better way to satiate my fanaticism than with a somewhat realistic game to pass the time until the season starts.