My Repaired PS3 Came Back Without A Hard Drive ‎

Many a video game character begins his story with amnesia, and the malady has befallen Chris's real-life PS3. He sent his system in with an upgraded hard drive he'd installed because he was told he had to do so and even made a special note that he'd need the drive back.

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Focker4203194d ago

This guy is either lying and he never sent it in with a hard drive hoping to get a free one, or the csr messed up and filled out the service request wrong (which I doubt)

I think hes a scammer. Customer service said there was no hard drive when it arrived. Also if UPS did anything wouldn't they have taken the whole system and not just the hard drive?!

ULTIMATE_REVENGE3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

This is true and it has happened to so many people. Sony's customer service at sometimes can be very helpful and at other times can be a big pain in the ass. He either got a new re-furbished PS3 or the Sony employees were just really careless and misplaced his HDD, this kind of stuff happens all the time.

A bit off topic: I got my PS3 Re-balled (NOT Re-flowed) with Lead solder for £83 (that includes delivery, repair & redelivery) in the UK. Re-balling is a guaranteed PERMANENT fix for the PS3's YLOD problem. If done by a trained professional your PS3 will last as long as your still working Retro console.

NEVER RE-FLOW YOUR CONSOLE!! whether you do it with an IR (Infrared) gun or a heat gun (the most damaging method) both are only temporary fixes. Both of these methods help delay the YLOD from occurring again but they fail to fix the real problem, which is why people get the YLOD again after 3-4 months or less.

You either get your PS3 Re-balled with with Lead-free solder (basically a new PS3 fresh form the factory) 'OR' You get your PS3 Re-balled with Lead solder (The BEST fix)

I just wanted to help people who are in the same position I am in with a YLOD'd PS3, no warranty and a disc stuck inside a January 2008 60GB model with PS2 B.C

EDIT: £83 is the best price I could find and the service includes the following:

- Labour to eliminate yellow light problem.
- Soak testing to ensure a reliable fix
- 90 day warranty on parts and labour.
- Machine is completely stripped -reflowed – cleaned internally to ensure good cooling
- Artic silver thermal paste is applied on the CPU/GPU (this is 50x's better compared to crap thermal paste Sony use)

evrfighter3193d ago

Sony stealin hard drives now? bet he gets it back infested with root kits.

Blaze9293193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

why was he expecting it to come back?

gaffyh3193d ago

This is why the UK Sony method is better. They drop off a PS3 and pick up your broken one at the same time. I removed my HDD and gave them a PS3 with no HDD. The PS3 they gave me had another 60GB in it

Rot_in_Fail3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

there was no hdd, I believe Sony

scumbag attention seeker

Ocelot5253193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )


he must be lying because companies never make mistakes and never lie /sarcasm

*cough* BP *cough*

Rot_in_Fail3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

forgot /jk too bad

Of course it's Sony's fault, I'm sur enobody stole it, such things may happen from time to time.

Doesn't UPS weight the package? that would show the hard drive was there

HSx93193d ago

Or maybe your hardrive was high jacked off the UPS truck and it is now being sold in the black market.

jadenkorri3193d ago

I had to r/t my ps3 to get it fixed, I was told to "REMOVE MY HARDDRIVE" before sending in as they cannot guarantee I would get it back as I may get a refurbished model. Guess what, Isn't their like, you know, another company that has a hard drive, oh thats right the 360, what does MS tell you when you send your console back in...Cmon guys take a wild guess. Here this might help......

For those who are lazy..

Q: How do I pack my console for shipping?

A: When you pack your console for shipment, make sure to provide adequate padding around the console to reduce possible shipping damage. The shipping box that you use will not be returned to you.

* View the packing instructions
* Download the packing instructions (PDF format)

Only send us your console. Please remove the hard drive, accessories, and discs before packing your console for shipping. If a disc is stuck in the disc drive, please see Xbox 360 console disc tray is stuck.

Did you guys read that last paragraph, it says remove your hard drive. Sony does the same thing, so if some fracking idiot sends back his ps3/360 with the hard drive, and you don't get it back, well cry me a fracking river. I know the package you get to send back to sony has the instructions and says to take out the hard drive. Why is this such a big deal and this guy gonna talk to blah blah blah, yes he was advised by a rep to send the hard drive back too, but yeah, call centers go through people like crazy, so the guy was obviously new and probably didn't know to remove the hard drive.

I apologize for not posting sonys policy, i know its their, just can't find it, 2 am in the morning and tired.

Bereaver3192d ago

Why would a company as big as SONY want anything to do with his HD? If there really was one, it was a mistake. But no, these mistakes don't happen ALL THE TIME, or SONY would have a bad reputation like the 360 has with RROD.

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Imperator3193d ago

My PS3 went YLOD. Lost all my save data. What really pisses me off is that I lost 13 hours on FFXIII. Sure, I didn't plan on playing it but now I'll probably never finish it.. Learned my lesson though. Now I always back up my saves.

P_Bomb3193d ago

The ones you can anyways. I wish I could backup KZ2, AC2, Demons Souls, even frikkin Fat Princess, lol. NO saves should be locked in this day and age of removable/swappable hard drives.

jadenkorri3192d ago

you should be able to backup those saves files using the backup utility, however if you try to copy to a usb drive, games saves may not work all the time like re5/kz2 etc.

zeeshan8103193d ago

I don't think Sony will mess up. I doubt Sony made a mistake.
This guy is lying!

commodore643193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

This article is fake and the guy is a liar.

We all know that the ps3 NEVER breaks or gets the ylod, nor does Sony ever stuff anything up at all.
Sony is awesome, infallible and beyond reproach.
Sometimes, when I think of SOny before going to sleep, I get a tear of joy rolling down my cheek.

How dare this guy say nasty stuff about Sony!
How come we all can't just be 'real gamers' and love Sony?


jadenkorri3192d ago

love the sarcasm.... but zeeshan810, any company can make mistakes, im not gonna take sides on either as i go by the companys policy, and sony says to remove harddrive, just like the 360 says to remove harddrive. SO really this is the customers fault, and the policy im sure been shoved back in his face.

jjohan353193d ago

I'd believe the story. This is not Sony we are accusing here. This is stupid employees who are found at every company in every department. There have been many times where I've sent in items only to not receive certain items back when they serviced my items under warranty. It's a nightmare because they don't admit any fault, and it becomes your word against theirs. This has happened numerous times across multiple companies, so it could have happened at Sony or Microsoft or anywhere else.

jadenkorri3192d ago

5 people disagreeed wow, i gave you an agree and a bubble...Its not sonys fault, just stupid employees, yes they represent sony/ms/whomever, but no call center can weed these idiots out. It happens

Blaze9293193d ago

I'm preeeeeetty sure you're supposed to remove your HDD before you send it in for repair...

This goes for any of the big 3 manufactures. Send in hardware for repair and they tell you to remove all accessories, storage devices etc because none of them actually fix your hardware, they just exchange it for refurbished units.

P_Bomb3193d ago

Nothing on Sony's instructions tells you to remove the hard drive. They only tell you to back it up & erase personal info, not to send in any controllers 'n' media. Doesn't really apply for YLOD though, as with YLOD you won't be able to eject your game/movie or even access the XMB.

AliTheBrit193193d ago


You can't even contemplate that Sony pure and simple dropped the ball and messed up?

Wow, I seriously pitty fanboys.

J-Smith3193d ago

someone stole my xbox360 & all i can say is - 'THANK YOU' LoL

cliffbo3193d ago

i have sent a ps3 back for repair which had a bigger hd in i was told to remove it before sending as i wont get it back and i received a new ps3 back with a 60gb hd in so i got a free hd to me that is a good service :)

ps the warranty also had been 3 months out of date but since i had a launch machine sony honoured the warranty when they did not have to very good service.

stuna13193d ago

I know because I sent my ps3 in for repairs, but first I called the service center, who told me exactly what to do. First they asked for the warranty information, which I gave them. They then proceeded to tell me that I would be recieving a shipping label within 2 to 5 business days. When I recieved the shipping label instructions also came with the label, they explicitly state in the instructions not to send any controllers, cords and replaced harddrives as they are not responsible for any harddrives that where not the original ones that were included in the system. They also told me to write a detailed letter of any problems that I had encountered leading up to the systems malfunction, also if there was a game disc that was still in the system. The only thing I had to do was provide the box and packing peanuts. This is just another case of someone too stupid to follow directions and just wants someone shoulder to cry on! For real who would send a add on harddrives in place of the original one? As easy as it was to switch it out, its just as easy to put back in, Duh.

AAACE53193d ago

I thought whenever you send a console in you are suppose to remove the HDD because there is no guarantee it will be returned to you and the fact that it might get erased!

crzyjackbauer3193d ago

i hope this doesent happen to me
im suppose to get my ps3 slim back soon from sony

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PirateThom3194d ago

Bull. Sony would NEVER let you send in a non-standard hard drive and, even if you did, chances are you're getting that models original hard drive back anyway.

Hard drive not sent.

oohWii3193d ago

PirateThom, the fanboy fortune teller. How typical.

PirateThom3193d ago

So, you're saying you've predicted the actual story better?

Have you ever actually sent a PS3 back for repair?


Well, there we go.

HDgamer3193d ago

Do you actually know he has sent his ps3 in for repair?
No. well there we go.

comp_ali3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

It is funny how trolls here gets the most bubbles

Poseidon3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

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PSfan093193d ago

yes, this is what i think is very defense of xbox fans. They won't talk about their horrid failure rate instead they talk about some guys ps3 hard drive being stolen (so he says), seriously?

pustulio3192d ago

What is even more sad is that you PS3 fanboys defend sony saying they can't steal a hard drive, it's just not possible and the guy must be bullshitting but if a guy says MS did it, you start hell of a shitstorm.

Darkstorn3194d ago

I've got a 320gb Western Digital in my PS3. I'd think that if this were actually a problem it would have more coverage. To my knowledge, this is just an unfortunate case.

Hellsvacancy3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

When my PS3 got ylod (the 1st time) i rang Sony and explained what happened and he told me what id need 2 do and 1 of the things he said was "if youve upgraded your HDD youll need 2 take it out b4 sendin it in coz u WONT get it back"

I never did send it in, the Gilsky guide was alot more efficient imo "£149? hahahahah, yeah, ok buddy"


The 'not getting it back' part is what's stupid about their repair service. People are peed off with Sony because they don't fix and send back the console YOU sent in.

Sony just hand out Refurbished PS3's which end up breaking down in few months or a year.

Sony ned to do something about their repair service and they need to stop charging people £130 just to get a BS refurbished PS3 that'll break down faster than the one you purchased from the store.

adlt3193d ago

About over a year now, yeah it did piss me off I didn't get my original back, however it's lasted quite long. It is loud as hell though haha. If this one breaks, I'm going to go to which is based in my state. My cousin used their service and was happy, so I'm not worried about mine breaking.