Most Anticipated PSN Games (RunDLC)

Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade is in full swing, and while its games receive the most attention, we can’t forget about the upcoming gems on PlayStation Network. From an unnamed traveler to a hopeful teen, these future hits will make PSN users happy for months to come.

Chris Buffa (RunDLC)

LEO_cst4813d ago

Dead Nation, journey, echochrome2 for me.

Chris3994813d ago

I'll pass on Scott Pilgrim and I've had enough Pixel Junk games for the time being. That's not a slam against either - both look great - but I only have so many hours/ $ to game :)

Spenok4811d ago

Same here. Scott Pilgrim does look interesting though. If theres a demo ill try it out for sure.

Buff10444813d ago

Ah yes! Dead Nation! Also cool.

RedPawn4813d ago

Where is Castle Crashers, and I know it's only on XBLA but Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.

cliffbo4813d ago

damn, you guys have taste

Madis0074813d ago

Journey and Dead Nation for me

Great action game and great relaxing game(I love flower)

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Aloymetal523d ago

My fav indie game ever, played this on ps4 and ps5. Too bad it does not have a plat trophy.


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GhostofHorizon602d ago

Concept artist has a very distinct style and if they can translate that into the game well this studio will be making some visually stunning games.