Gran Turismo 5: Pure Audi R8 Gameplay

Another Comic Con 2010 video of Gran Turismo 5 shows pure Audi R8 gameplay.

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Boody-Bandit3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Real Definitive (oh yes, I did go there ;) Driving Simulator!

Perjoss3196d ago

it does look amazing, but its not for me. I'd rather take the freedom of games like Test Drive Unlimited 2 or even GTA4 then be stuck on a race track going round and round. I can see how car enthusiasts will love it though.

iPad3196d ago

Dear Driver,

Gran Turismo 5 isn't an arcade racer.


phosphor1123196d ago

This site ONCE again (for about the 100th time) posted a video as one of their own.

Original source is and was posted before this site (not to mention is in HD).

Stop supporting this site!

3196d ago
Immortal3213196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

he must been playing forza3 thinking it's the same

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Lf_sIcKmAn3196d ago

id rather read this chain comments and laugh my @$$ off rather than see more "news" on kinACT or watch 360 fanboys defend it (i bet some people will truly enjoy it not DEFEND IT)...


CaptainMarvelQ83196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

because im not really "laughing my ass off" when i see these chain comments (they were kinda funny at first) but now it IS getting old,i mean do you want these kind of comments on EVERY article?

ugh,its boring and the way i see it this is trolling
i'd rather have a real useful comment than this

bjornbear3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

both your comments are is this one comment of mine now.

so you just ruined your argument demanding more useful comments.
if its boring, just let it go. and it isn't trolling, since it isn't detracting from anything else

the adulation of GT5 isn't trolling if you say it in a GT5 article

now don't be such a sour puss and let the masses enjoy themselves

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Scenarist3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

GT5 Looks amazing..

one thing i noticed tho is the repeating trees in one of the videos...

the guy is driving down a straight away and if u look at the trees
(which are 2d sprites or something) are repeating back to back
and gives a "tiled" effect

edit: the first video with the white audi.. that immediately crashes when the vid starts... as soon as it gets around that turn look at the trees

hennessey863196d ago

i want to hear if the engine noises have been sorted out

Dnied3196d ago

I actually agree with you here, prologue had terrible engine sounds it actually took away from the experience. I was driving an M3 around yet i felt like a carebear riding a cloud

Luckily, the 370z competition they held gave me high hopes as that car alone sounded incredible... I'm talking like, hearing the difference between a stock version and the turbo on a tuned version..

Also theres not so much music in the other video posted here recently: http://www.videogameszone.d...

Sounds pretty good there too

Dnied3196d ago

I've watched it a couple times and I still cant force myself to focus on anything other than the racing itself.

If I was actually playing the game though, and I was driving an R8 at 120mph I'd definately be looking at the trees, watching for repetition

phosphor1123196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

And those trees actually look like that. Someone posted a Tokyo Real / GT5 comparison video and they really do look like that. It's weird. Let me find it.

Found the video. Not a comparison, but it's someone driving the real streets.

Terarmzar3196d ago

Nice find that was fantastic
Bubble up for you

nickjkl3196d ago

this guy sucks at driving

did anyone se how much the car was vibrating

ranmafandude3196d ago

there's a troll going around giving everyone disagrees lol. watch when gt5 comes you cannot stop the inevitable triumph of this game.

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