Sony’s Trojan Horse Sneaks up on Microsoft

It’s a strategy that was worked well for the company. Family members that don’t like video games can still find plenty of other entertainment options on the console. Now, though, Sony is quickly following suit – and expanding on those features – which could give it an advantage as the industry prepares for a crucial holiday season.

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Omar913007d ago

sony is going to do very well this holiday season.

MariaHelFutura3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Yeah, between. The Move and them advertising w/ Coca Cola, GT5, LBP2 and Killzone 3 right around the corner. The PS3 is gonna do just fine.

GT5 alone would solidify that, I don`t think the new generation of gamers realise how huge GT is worldwide. GT5 w/ advertising which will be happening soon, is gonna cause a rift in xmas. LOL. Watch.

brazilianbumpincher3007d ago

halo reach will be the biggie for microsoft and the 360s is doing very well (got mine today),kinect i see having a very hyped launch but not sustaining as word gets around how sh*t it is.

SeanRL3007d ago

Sony doesn't seem to advertise their big games enough, it pisses me off. They need to advertise GT5 a lot and make sure everyone knows that it's coming out.

jaysquared3007d ago

I believe that 360 will have sell better in N. America than the PS3 this holiday season...

RockmanII73007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Both PS3 and 360 will do just fine, its Nintendo I'm worried about. What will happen to the Wii when Kinect and Move release? Also no one is gonna buy a DS either because we know that the 3DS is right around the corner.

Montrealien3007d ago

All I learned from that article was that I should of bought some Netflix shares, they pretty much doubled in the last 7 months, crazy.

mikeslemonade3007d ago

ESPN events free for xbl gold. I'm very happy with that. It's gonna be an exclusive feature that you can't get on the computer for free. Yea, I know you have to pay for xbl gold, but if you're already paying right now than this is a bonus.

I don't really care about the TV shows that hulu offers because i can watch those online in lower definition or pirate them. Live Sports events are different because you get to see them live. There's noway I will watch a sports event anything other than live. There is no alternative online that is free either and that offers that many events.

sikbeta3007d ago

November alone is Huge when it come to PS3, LBP2 + GT5 and more games coming out, GT5 will be The Beast Seller as Usual and LBP2 will capture the heart of the Families, also PlayStation Move with a huge line-up + Coca-Cola advertising Support and Kevin Butler, is going to be Amazingly Huge season for SONY...

RageAgainstTheMShine3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

LOL at the xbotoxes!

They don't even know the meaning of breaking even and being profitable!
what happened to your line of thinking?

Let me explain this fact to you for your own good.
Sony's Networked Devices not only broke even this year with all their investments on PS3 and blu-ray they surpassed that mark and actually making money on every PS3 sold now. And yes they will be also making money on every PS Move hardware sold.
Are you okay with that explanation?

Nothing compares 2 PS3.

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iPad3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Sony said that this year they would sell 15 million PS3s.

Wouldn't be surprised if they sold 18 million.

N4PS3Fanboys3007d ago

Yes they will. And Microsoft will do very, VERY well.

adamx3007d ago

so your going to buy what your 5th xbox come this holiday? Nothing like reliablilty.

thedisagreefairy3007d ago

stock to be 3 points higher than microsoft.

anyways i like my ps3 alot but im glad that both companies are flourishing at the moment.

competition is what makes us gamers have great games.

Montrealien3007d ago

Did you see Netflix? crazy.

Jockamo3007d ago

So what's the advantage, exactly?

Sony is getting a feature that Live has had for a year. They have Hulu, but there's no user base yet (as said in article), and they're charging for it. But Live is getting it next year anyway.

Those are the advantages over MS? :/

Read on to see how ESPN will be free with Live offering live streaming NBA NCAA Soccer Hockey MLB and Sports Center?

That's gotta be a trump card if I ever saw one if you talking about online third party features.

rob60213007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Did you forget PS3 has Blu-Ray movie compatibility and a built in internet browser? who cares if the features are 3rd party or built in they're features.

Jockamo3007d ago

because that's what the article is talking about, noob

Roonie3007d ago

ESP, NBA,soccer stream? thats your trump card? how about a FREE web browser that lets you watch and surf what ever you want?

starchild3007d ago

Nah, I already have a PC with a browser that actually works.
I never use that feature on my PS3.

adamx3007d ago

trump my ass, Espn is free on every cable and sat carrier. Dont even say not every one has cable if you can afford live and a internet connection you can afford cable.

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Spawn-KING3007d ago

Yup, and if it's true about the PS3 down as $199 this holiday season .
Sky rocket number's of PS3's will be crazy .

RonRico3006d ago

I believe the dicfor have sell better in N America. Huh? What do u think?

Spenok3005d ago

Both systems will do well this hiliday season. I just wonder which one will come out on top. For me personally it will be Sony for there games alone.

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dustgavin3007d ago

Sony is in it for the long haul. I expect PS3 to be supported much longer than Playstation 2.

Pootangpie3007d ago

so in other words don't count on it

Roonie3007d ago

Xbox division just posted a loss and still havn't recovered the losses from Xbox1 and RROD.

So by your logic Xbox won't last long in this gen? right?

360Defender3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

The Xbox division did not post a loss, it has been profitable for years. Essentially since Halo 3 came out. Learn to read a P&L.

And you do know that Sony has lost much more money this generation right? As a company on a whole they have struggled to post profits. MS posted a 4.1 billion profit last quarter alone.

ArchangelMike3007d ago

@Poontangpie - it is exactly because Sony has spent soo much of their of the PS2 profits on the PS3 that they will support it for a longer time. Sony has already said that their competitors will release their next gen consoles before we see a PS4, Sony are probably already investing in PS$ R&D, but until the PS3 starts raking it in, there won't be a PS4. They are definately in it for the long haul, which frankly makes me happyt that I don't have to start think of a new gen station console for a long while.

Pootangpie3007d ago

and there still losing more money on the PS3 then ms is on the 360

BiggCMan3007d ago

why the hell do u care what sony loses on the ps3, or that they are losing more than microsoft??? why the fuck does anyone care. play the damn games!!!

Weaksauce11383007d ago

Because they start shutting down servers and cutting online for games no longer deamed profitable, that's why

dustgavin3007d ago

Since you seem to be out of the loop, Sony is currently making a profit off PS3.

SeanRL3007d ago

They still need to earn back what they've lost.

Heisenberg3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

my bad..

shoddy3007d ago

They will have 7 years of profit and the ps2 profit.

I can tell you're a kid base on your lack of knowledge comment and I think your mom pay for your games instead of you.

moparful993007d ago

They technically haven't lost anything. They made billions off of the ps2 and ps1 that buffered the cost of development of the ps3.. They just haven't been making profit off the hardware until recently.. Everything else has been very profitable, blu-ray sales, game sales, accessory sales etc..

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CWMR3007d ago

I am sure the PS3 will be supported for a long time, but I am sure the 360 will also be supported for a long time. The 360 has done very well this generation and MS controls the manufacturing of the console (unlike the situation with nvidia last generation). They have stated their plan to support the 360 for many years to come. It will sell as the cheaper alternative to the next Xbox. It will be a great value for budget minded gamers and casual gamers.

DevastationEve3007d ago

PS3 is going to get cut short. They can't afford to be second again next gen, even though they've already said that they'll be launching after the other consoles.

PS2 rode a tidal wave of success off of DVD. Things are different now, and the same is going to happen next gen. Sony needs to start innovating, all they've done for the 3rd straight gen is try to win through a disc format. What's next, tera-pixel resolution and 500 GB discs? Not if it means 5+ year development cycles! (I'm looking at you Gran Turismo)

To me PS3 didn't get it right and still fails to get it right. The games are great, but waiting THIS long to see ONE FRIGGIN proper GT is luda. I've played 2 Forza's and 4 NFS games in the time its been since Prologue.

Quality over quantity, but I didn't spend $600 at launch for a PS3 just to have one or two GREAT games.

Sheikh Yerbouti3007d ago


PS3 isn't second yet anyway, but I'm sure they will be since they'll keep doing what they've always have done...what you erroneously believe they don't...

INNOVATE...worry about Microsoft catching up to Sony, not the other way around. If their first party studios only can manage lackluster titles AFTER THEIR OWN LONG DEVELOPMENT TIMES and they have to rely on third parties, paid enormous sums, to produce the best games on it system...they have their own issues.

And while you are complaining about GT5, why don't you play all the other exclusives...QUANTITY AND QUALITY...! One or two games...? YOU FAIL. FAIL HARD.

squallheart3007d ago

i rather wait 5 years for gt than play any mundane lackluster game thats been released. Im not a big racing fan but gt is the only one i play because non other comes close. Sorry but your logic on shorter developmental cycles being compared to longer is just plain fail. In that sense its no better than releasing an incomplete game with insane dlc prices

moparful993007d ago

Sony will continue too support the ps3 long after the ps4 is released because it will be pure profit by then which will help them weather storms like they have done this gen. If you don't think that indtroducing cd then dvd and now blu-ray to gaming isn't innovation then I sure would like to know what your idea of innovation is. Cause kinect isn't innovation it's taking existing technologies and adapting them. You and I both know that sony dabbled with the exact tech thats in kinect but because of it's limitations they turned it down.. You want to point out 5 year dev cycles what about the god awful Too Human? 10 years and it sucked. Next we have allen wake 6 years and it was meh. Gran turismo has always been the gold standard of racing games and those long dev cycles are well worth it.. It's on your shoulders if you're too impatient to wait like the rest of us. Lol "To me PS3 didn't get it right and still fails to get it right." SO a console with a near 50% failure rate, lacking features the competition has only to add them 5 years later, overpriced acc. and a pay to play online model is right? Wow you must have alot of broken products in your house with that kind of mentality... There are far more the 2 great games on the ps3.. Stop exagerating to add weight to your argument b/c frankly you dont have one...

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wenaldy3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

You can't spell "entertainment" without SONY..

wazzim3007d ago

In weeaboo world maybe, there are alot of great American, European and Korean companies too you know..

writersblock3007d ago

That doesnt work since entertainment doesnt have and S, O, or Y

You cant spell Sony without SOY. And vegetarians love soy. So thats good I guess

Godmars2903007d ago

That ignores the PS3's browser, Grooveshark, Pandora and probably Youtube for that matter.