The graphics chips in 28nm not before end 2011

Neither Nvidia nor ATI will be able to ship to dealers their first high-performance graphics chips engraved in 28nm before the last quarter of 2011...

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ThePlaystationFour3035d ago

They release an updated Graphics card every 3 months. Jesus... wasn't the 480 just announced against the ATI 5970?

Vip3r3035d ago

Two years is a decent cycle.

NYC_Gamer3035d ago

pc gaming is not dead and you dont need to upgrade your hardware every month just because something new comes out...

FantasyStar3035d ago

Let him be, the fact he's comparing a GTX 480 against a HD 5970 means he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Johnny_Cojones3035d ago

This is how GPU manufacturers stay in business. There are early adopters & late adopters.

Only hardcore enthusiasts replace their graphics cards more than once every 18 months or so.

Early adopters & frequent refreshes/lines of GPU chips push graphical technology ahead.

If it weren't like this, even the watered down, outdated GPUs in consoles would only be derived from even lower performing, more expensive chipsets.

PC gaming isn't going anywhere. It offers flexibility that a console will never be able to.