New FIFA 11 Screenshots

EA has released some new screenshots for this years football release, FIFA 11.

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KingPin3197d ago

Graphics look ok, i guess. but what i dont like is the cardboard shorts. like wtf? they never lose shape? and before you all jump down my throat about processing being too much for the console, im not asking for alot. heck, in uncharted 1 the material moves. so yeah, please add some animations to the shorts, and tops too. other than that, looks good.

Kos-Mos3197d ago

Fifa for the casuals. PES for the hardcore.

Mmmkay3197d ago

we both know fifa 10 kicks pes' ass..

turok3197d ago

U must be joking. FIFA>PES anyday except on the wii. wii console case then its PES>FIFA seriously anyone tried fifa wii? its awful. PES gets an 85+ average or so on wii. FIFA on wii is a joke no create a player, no be a pro if i recall.

CaptainMarvelQ83197d ago

i don't really care about the players details-though it is nice-but it's not that important, because i play in sandbox view which takes the screen really far so you don't see the players that well
all that i care for is gameplay physics-which is great in fifa
and i hope they implement new ideas

3197d ago
mbanatech253197d ago

wtf ar talkng abot,pes belongs to tha ps2 era.

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