Gears of War 3 ComicCon panel: Bernie gets included, movie will be “something awesome, more

Epic’s just wrapped up its ComicCon panel for Gears of War 3, and needless to say a fair bit of info was dropped.

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Maldread3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Well that`s too bad, because you`re going to have to ;)

Sry, it`s unfair to rub it in your gears, but i just had to ;)

Don`t worry though, it will be worth the wait :)

Reibooi3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Honestly after gears 2 I really am not getting hyped up for this.

The new novel characters appearance will probably go something like.

"Character appears from novel does something bad ass fan boys go nuts and 1 hour later she gets killed and moving on"

I have just such a hard time getting excited because Gears 2 was such a let down. From what I have seen of Gears 3 it looks like more of the same with different colors which isn't all the interesting.

There is a bit of promise because they don't seem 100% intent on doing the same old thing. The new contest for Carmine is pretty cool and seeing him live would be a cool way to make the game more interesting instead of copy and paste of the last game. They really need to add more depth into their characters. The only one who is at all interesting is Baird because you find out not only is he a crazy bad ass who is a smart mouth all the time but he also seems to be quite smart and might be like some kind of scientist. That is interesting but he is pretty much the only one.

darksied3060d ago

I sorta agree. I think that Epic HAS to do something differently with the 3rd, but I'm not sure what they will do to make it stand out. I think they realized that other games are making Gears seem like it's just standing still; you can kind of hear it when Cliff's talking about other games, Bulletstorm in particular. Other games that are coming out/ that are out have gone so much farther in terms of gameplay and graphics and story. Gears 1 and 2 are all just gruff macho guys with almost no dimension to their personalities. They have decent graphics with the first 2, but the story, bleh, who cares. Even that weak attempt to give Dom some personality; I was almost sleeping through that and didn't care one bit (I would have cared, if they hadn't built it up for only like 30 minutes or so).

Anyway, I'm keeping a hesitant eye on Gears 3 and hopefully they can pull off something good. Here's also hoping it's in 1080p this time.

Reibooi3060d ago


Honestly gears feels as if it was designed fist and foremost as a multiplayer game(which is pretty much how everything epic does works) and everything beyond that is just tacked on.

Gears 2 seems like they tried to change that and they tried to have a good story. Key word being tried. I still don't understand why people think the whole Dom and his wife thing was sad. You have no attachment to Dom(my experiences with Dom is him getting shot and needing to be revived every 10 seconds) or his wife. So it's really hard to care when that moment occurs. They needed to build attachment. Something they didn't do for any character. They introduce characters and then kill them off 5 minutes later and you are left wondering what the point of that character was.

Sure some people will say "but you didn't read the book so you don't see alot about Dom and his Wife" Point is I should not have to. Gears is the definition of making it up as you go along. You hear Dom mention his wife ONCE in the first game and because of the off the cuff mention Epic thought "why not make something happen to his wife so he gets all sad and mad and players will feel sad for him) however one little flashback about her doesn't make anyone care.

Players who found those scenes in gears 2 sad really have no idea what loss and emotional attachment are. Which makes sense because the game appeals to meat heads, jocks and summer movie action freaks. None of which would understand any of those themes.

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MuleKick3061d ago

That's the only game the X360 has that I really want to play. I can honestly say that I kinda jealous. The series looks amazing.

BuIIetproofish_3061d ago

Do yourself a favor and at least get Gears 1 for the PC if youcan.

MuleKick3061d ago

I feel so stupid for not thinking about that a long time ago. Well, I know what my next project is.
Thanks a lot BuIIet!!!

candystop3061d ago

SO I see they even have voice actors from UC2. Looking forward to the movie and can already Black Dynamite playing Cole. I'm hoping the 4 player co-op option has separate missions as well more difficult enemies. If they could pump out at least ten enemies at A time with smarter Ai I'm happy.

RebornSpy3061d ago

Bernie and a spectacular Carmine death. This game will be the best of the three.

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