Why PlayStation Move Is Running A Marathon While Kinect Is Running A Sprint

"Twiggy", PushSquare: "There's acres of difference between the PlayStation Move and Kinect platforms. Some bloggers might wish you to believe otherwise, as they compare every intricate difference between the platforms. But if E3 taught us one thing, it's that the platforms are distinctly unique. I see Kinect as a device to entice people into the XBOX platform. I don't see that with the Move. I see the Move as a device aligned with the traditional PlayStation ethos: something for everyone."

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HorsePowerr3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

"And risk is where Move succeeds. To begin with, it’s a relatively small investment for the consumer. Yes, you can argue that additional controllers are required for the full experience. However, should you simply wish to try the system out you can do so for less than the price of a standard game (if you know where to shop). Chances are you already own a game to try it out on, so there’s already a winning point there."

So true.

Aquanox3013d ago

Those who don't risk don't win. Sony has played safe and copied Nintendo hence the lack of hype... whereas Kinect risked and is getting all media attention. I don't think Move will have nearly the same social impact as Kinect will. The thing is still limited to hardcore gamers with a limited casual appeal whereas Kinect is appealing non gamers and casuals first, and will eventually support hardcores who actually, aren't really in a hurry to throw their controllers.

That's where Microsoft is doing things right.

Information Minister3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

"Sony has played safe and copied Nintendo..."

"The thing is still limited to hardcore gamers with a limited casual appeal..."

I think you just pwned yourself. Nintendo and hardcore don't mix.

EDIT @ disagrees: Ok, ok... I admit there is some hardcore appeal to the Wii, but not nearly on the level of the 360/PS3.

ManGastaS3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Move will be out first! Move is sprinting!

SillySundae3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

The wii is a proven concept, hence its success in the market.

Why re-invent the wheel, for the sake of revolutionizing?
There are just some concepts that works, and has worked for a reason (and for centuries already)

WII => "Look! I invented the wheel it's round and it works!"
PS3 => "Look! I've improved the wheel, it has now ADDED traction!"
360 => "Look! I've revolutionized the wheel, and IT'S SQUARE!!!"

iPad3012d ago

"Those who don't risk don't win"

If that's true, then the PS3 is winning the console war.

iPad3012d ago

Those who don't risk don't win.

If that's true, then I'm pretty sure the PS3 is winning the console war.

get2sammyb3012d ago

@Aquanox -- you didn't read the article.

MuleKick3012d ago

"Those who don't risk, don't win"
You are clearly not a gambler. Risk can either pay out big or bite you in the ass. You do realize that the Kinect is essentially a shiny, polished EyeToy right? Microsoft did take a risk though, seeing how the EyeToy didn't really catch on.
I really enjoyed this article. "Both the teams working on SOCOM and RUSE have stated that it took them roughly six-weeks to implement the motion control mechanics into their games." That's awesome. With the size of a Blu-Ray disk I can see Move support on just about every PS3 game (the ones that makes sense anyway). Diversity.
If anyone can find an article similar to this one but about the Kinect please attach it to a reply. I would love to read about what it has to offer. Cause from what I seen so far, it's not offering much.

Boody-Bandit3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

You just owned yourself.
You do realize that, don't you?

Sony brought out one of the most ambitious and expensive consoles in gaming history so I guess by your defintion they have already won.

PLAYstar3012d ago

Kinect appealing to non-gamers is where everything gone so wrong about it. What would be the first impression for a non-gamer when they realize just how idiotic they have to act while playing the games and it's not even working! More like a distasteful feelings that would lead them to think, oh so this is what Gamers are, bunch of weird freaks..

I'm a GAMER! Try not to embarrass my image? thks!

sikbeta3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )


Ah, Please, you do realize Dr Richard Marks tested the 3dv cam like more than 5 years ago, Sony rejected this tech, it was Expensive for what it could do and seems like nothing changed

This is a video showing Dr Richard Marks demoing the cam, 6 years ago:

Sony Rejected this tech and develop their proprietary cam = Eyetoy:

These Videos show Dr Richard Marks demoing motion with the PS2 and the Eye-toy

Sony R&D develop a better device for Motion-control = current PS-EYE + PlayStation Move, in the HHG video-interview with Anton Mikhailov, he said the Move controller was going to be released no matter what and it works great that way

thing is, say whatever you want, N rejected this tech and Sony did the same too, it's For a Reason, Cost is the first one, the other must be what Dr Marks addressed in his videos...

Bigpappy3012d ago

The point of Move and and Kinect is not to see how many they can sell to current console owners. They are made specificly for bringing the casuals to buy PS3 and 360's (Expand the user base). Core gamers love the controller and dispite talk of keyboard and mouse being better, I don't see them flocking over to the PC over the controller only PC.

The Move works for core games because it is still pretty much a wireless controller. The only difference I can see is that you use it as a pointer rather than using the right thumb stick, to aim and look around. I don't see how this is going to excite casuals to buy PS3's.

Kinect can not be used the same way you use a controller. Kinect is a completely different approach from Move and wii. With kinect, developer are forced to create new gameplay ideas that use your arms, legs, or entire body. How you move is how your avatar moves. This is very attractive to people who would normally pass by and see you play on your console and wander how you know which button to press to get the avatar to do what you want. I watch those vids on youtube and see how people that are not games normally get into kinect much more that than the guys who obviously are core gamers. Most core gamers are looking to see how this is going to take the place of my controller. It is not. It is a different exprience, one that can bring many people who have not even played a Wii, to buy a 360.

That is what M$ is hoping for and Sony is hoping to do the same but also have it where the core gamers want to use it in their games. I think M$ is succeeding with the casuals and some core players who will also get into these casual dance, fitness and sports games. Sony Move will be more accepted by their core as a new way to play the games their already are in to. The problem that Sony will have with casuals, is a bigger problem that what M$ will have with Kinect appealing to the core. With M$ the core already have a controller they love so Kinect expands 360 to the casuals. For Sony the core already have a controller they love buy don't mind giving Move a shot. The problem with Move is: how does it excite the casuals when it is not a simple as kinect. How does Sony get them to thing it is a better option for them?

Nathaniel_Drake3012d ago

yeah blu-ray wasn't a risk at all /s

Nathaniel_Drake3012d ago

DVD-9 was huge risk, Microsoft could have lost it all /s

Mmmkay3012d ago

who cares about the casuals-

punisher993012d ago

@Aquanox: Gee I really wonder why you only have one bubble.

Rageanitus3012d ago

that it makes you look silly and it dont help with the lag

Big Frank3012d ago

Aquanox makes sense. Move will be so insignificant that it will probably be canned within a year of its release. Some people are trying to say Kinect is just a shiny eye toy? Get over yourselves you morons. The eye toy was a pathetic gimmick that no-one cared about. Kinect, to a lot of casual gamers, is a very exciting prospect for good reasons.

Are you morons really bashing on him for saying "Those who don't risk don't win"? Really?!? Really?!? Although there are many incarnations of the phrase, "Those who don't risk don't win" is a very popular philosophy applied in many aspects of life. You are all idiots! Are you really not aware that in a lot of cases, where you risk a lot, you gain a lot? One example i can think of is the SASs slogan "who dares, wins!" This site is unbelieveable. I read these boards for a laugh at you guys but sometimes your stupidity makes me so angry. There are more retards on this site than any other on the internet.

moparful993012d ago

Ok the only thing I gathered from that text book worth of a reply you gave was that you are the one clearly missing the point. Move is aimed at anyone who has ever played or wanted to play a game. You cite the dispparity between kinect and move stating that controlerless input was more desirable to casuals and non gamers. I completely disagree. As far as the casuals(wii gamers in general) sony's move is going to be more familiar seeing as it's nearly identical to the wiimot-nunchuck setup. This will drive up interest in the wii crowd who have been wanting to move up to an hd console. Once the newness of kinect wears off it will fall in popularity. There has already been an exodus so to speak, most of the feedback so far from people who have used it has been negative. Factor in the countless number of justification articles from xbox oriented sites and you can see that kinect is struggling even b4 its released. I feel the author hit the nail on the head, Move is in it for the long haul while kinect will have a sharp rise in sales due to people trying it then it will plummet.. Word of mouth will determine the fates of these two devices and sony's move has the wii crowd on it's side..

Spenok3010d ago

Sony isnt necessarily playing it safe. Yes there taking an idea that works and making it better, but at the same time they already know that the camera based gameing only has limited appeal. When the PS2 was out they released the eyetoy to over 90 million people, and only about 1/3 bought into it. Ill admit that 30 million + sales of the eyetoy is good, but look at the support for it. Its kind of dwindled. They know its not the best rout, hence the Move.

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raztad3013d ago

"I’m sure its sales will be strong out of the gate, but it will falter next to the flash-bang of Microsoft’s Kinect. I fully anticipate Move to have long legs. Expect Dead Space 2, Metal Gear Solid: Rising and other big-name titles all to support Move."

Article makes a lot of good points. Fully agree. Lets MS and kinect have their shinny day, MOVE is here to stay and offer both an alternate way to interact with core games, and funny casual stuff/augmented reality through the PSEYE.

Bigpappy3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

The best controller will win in the end. If it does not out perform DS3, Sony will have anothe option by next E3.

Snakefist303013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

"Sony has played safe and copied Nintendo..."

Dude Sony Didnt Copied Nintendo.Its Nintendo and M$ Who Copied Sony.Sony Doing This Motion Control Since 2004 on playstation 2 with Eyetoy.

Sez 3012d ago

The power glove= nintendo
the sidewinder=MS
both say hi

candystop3012d ago

Actually the Sega Dreameye was before any Sony cameras for gaming. Just so you know Sony didn't create the world in 7 days.

Briefcase Joe3012d ago

Link please? I've yet to find one video that shows games being played on the DreamEye like the Eye Toy. All I've seen are voice chat videos. So, if you find one, please link to it. Otherwise, you are just trolling, like in most of your previous posts.

Information Minister3012d ago

Clearly you didn't bother reading my comment to the end, which just makes you look bad. I was quoting Aquanox's idiotic comment, not making one of my own. I generaly avoid writing idiotic stuff.

Dreadneck3012d ago

If you ever played any EyeToy games you would see that Kinetic is Eyetoy 3.0 (maybe even 2.5) -- nothing more

And you think Sony copied Nintendo with the power-glove? First Nintendo didn't create, design or spend any money on R&D -- they had nothing to do with it. Someone else created that junk and just put it out on the NES

-- The "Power Glove was originally released in 1989.[1] Though it was an officially licensed product, Nintendo was not involved in the design or release of this accessory. Rather, it was designed by the team of Grant Goddard and Sam Davis for Abrams Gentile Entertainment "

Second it was a gimmicky piece of junk that only detected roll the rest was faked with triggers in the fingers

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Boody-Bandit3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Sony always said this is a marathon and not a sprint.

bustamove3012d ago

How did Sony copy Nintendo? Could you answer that with some evidence? Why is it that 360 fanboys cnstantly say that Sony copied Nintendo? With that logic, Kinect copied from the Eyetoy.

By the way, this aricle hit the right spot.

Scary693012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Yeah one of those games that many might still have is Heavy Rain. Which I myself am looking forward to play move on. Either or I cannot wait to finally use Move.

ShadowCK3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

" I see Kinect as a device to entice people into the XBOX platform. I don't see that with the Move. I see the Move as a device aligned with the traditional PlayStation ethos: something for everyone."

Ha...Ha...Ha. Joke?

Sony would need a miracle to increase the interest in its Move system. Current sales numbers are not speaking in favor of the PS3. Kinect will appeal to an entirely different gamer than Playstation Move initially and Microsoft has the price advantage: Those who want a new controller system, can get it for $300 at Microsoft, while a comparable (4-player) system will cost about $700 at Sony.

No. Fact is PlayStation Move is running a sprint due to it being a response to Kinect. It's appealing only to those who are hardcore and it's overpriced. It's going to fall, hard.

WildArmed3012d ago

Oh man How I missed those
'Open Zone is ---->>> '
now all the nuts are left loose in the comments channel lol
(and no it's not directed towards you, Horse Powerr, but there are alot of replies here I'd like to point to the open zone -- that doesn't exist anymore)

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ThePlaystationFour3013d ago

Playstation Move = Micheal Jordan
Microsoft Kinect = Shaq

Dirk Benedict3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Playstation Move = Micheal Jordan + Kobe Bryant
Microsoft Kinect = Shaq

creatchee3012d ago

Playstation Move + Microsoft Kinect = Gathering dust this time next year

Technologically cool fads are still fads. I'm not even sure if either will catch on, and I REALLY hope that there aren't games that I want to play that require their use. It's all about marketing and word of mouth, and in this case, Microsoft seems to be pushing their motion control harder than Sony and have more people talking about it.

I ultimately don't care because I don't want either one - I'm lazy and fat.

Dirk Benedict3012d ago

seeing contradiction from the outside is almost refreshing as vintage wine after an eventful day at work.

nickjkl3012d ago

but shaq cant do free throws

Biggest3012d ago

Shaq has four titles and 3 MVP awards. He isn't anything close to the Kinect. Even his free throws are more accurate.

punisher993012d ago

@Genesis2009: So basically you are complimenting them both? :)

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DigitalRaptor3013d ago

*Waits for 360 fanboys to come to the defense, without having read the article and understood any of it's logical and finer points*

ukilnme3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Looks like you are the one that is already being defensive. Not everybody has to/will agree with the author.

Edit: The author mentioned that PlayStation Move is running a marathon. That's fine. Kinect may be running a sprint, and that's fine too. There is more than one type of race and each company will run the race that they feel best supports their business strategy. MS sprint has served them just fine so far just as Sony's marathon has worked for them too.

Omega43013d ago ShowReplies(15)
I_Luv_2_Game3013d ago

It had some good points in the article.. I perfer Move over Kinect just because I want to use a controller.. It will be interesting