New super streetfighter 4 characters confirmed for arcade

Another screen shot of the character select screen was added to this story. It shows a bit more of the screen so you can see how much room Capcom has to play with currently.

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RedPawn3006d ago

I hope along with the character update, everyone gets some more standard techs and at least one more Super Art.

N4GAddict3004d ago

I hope they will add them on PS3 and 360

spunnups3004d ago

They'll add them, for a price of course.

Simon_Brezhnev3004d ago

Probably $9.99 for each characters and $14.99 for u know how Scamcom is. We know its coming to consoles.

DeleteThisxx3004d ago

lol scamcom? that's not even clever...doesn't even work.

crapcom on the other hand.

BYE3004d ago

I rather pay another §30 for new Street Fighter characters than for 2 map packs...hello Activision.

Especially since Capcom only charges half the price for Super Street Fighter IV.

TheBlackSmoke3004d ago

The characters will be free for sure, otherwise it would totally break the online experience. Capcom will make their money from the next set of costumes which will be released when the new characters are patched in.

Besides, i bought SSF4 for £20 and have gotten over 300 hours of play time already. Its worth every penny and if they did charge for new characters (they wont) i would gladly pay.

kornbeaner3004d ago

I'm the opposite of most consumers I would need a very good reason to buy something as simple as a costume but for a new character/s I would gladly do so, because there is actual work involved. Moves, animations, balancing all that takes time and effort so I would gladly pay for that work. Costumes on the other hand require 1 master per character and just change the color 10 times. Work? Yes. Worth $1 a piece? Not for me.