Rockstar goes Sony exclusive after GTAIV - Rumor

According to the latest Cheat Code Central Podcast, they mention that Rockstar has gone Sony Exclusive, and that their upcoming titles other than the ones already in production, will be some sort of a PS3 exclusive.

They start talking about it at around around 50:00 minute into the

Titles known to be in development for the PS3 include

-New Rockstar PS3 franchise
-L.A. Noire
-Red Dead Revolver 2?

original seed6157d ago

since GTA is the only series that is worth a d@mn. Cant say im excited about anything else they have come out with.

ReBurn6157d ago

Max Payne was only good for a single play-through. Absolutely no replay value, IMO. Heck, I'm still playing GTA III.

Most of Rockstar's stuff is merely average. At least that's what I think.

6157d ago
N4Gworks4Sony6157d ago

N4G's sensationalistic dirty little tricks strike again. How did this get approved with such bad editing? The word rumor should be first.

darkequitus6157d ago

Is by Remedy, the makes of Alan Wake

felidae6157d ago

as long as they don't make games for the 360, i think Rockstar is cr@p

JsonHenry6156d ago

Personally I don't care. (since I own the PS3 as well as the 360) But even if I didn't own both I can tell you that I would still not care. GTA was boring after the shock value of GTA3. Since then it has been the same game with a different location.

I know that it is a blockbuster game and most people disagree with me. But as far as I am concerned GTA4 is a waste of money.

Captain Tuttle6156d ago

The GTA's just aren't fun to me. I think they're overrated. Crappy graphics and repetitive gameplay. It's a very last-gen series IMHO.

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Like a shadow I am6157d ago

Rockstar's consistent behaviors show it.

Rockstar is rumored to have delayed both Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Grand Theft Auto IV for Sony's sake. It also has two new exclusives in the pipeline for Sony (i.e., L.A. Noire and an unannounced but known project.) On the other hand, Microsoft gets no such special treatment from Rockstars. The only way for Microsoft to get any attention from Rockstar is to pay Rockstar huge sums of money.

All signs point to Rockstar's loyalty lies with Sony, not Microsoft. So it is conceivable that Rockstar will soon declare its loyalty and commitment to Sony.

toughNAME6157d ago

were not talking about 3 kids who are deciding who best friend is who's

this is businesssssssssssss

Sayai jin6157d ago

Not likely, MS pockets are the deepest. Not many companies have loyalty. They are not like people, they are in business for making oney. Thats why they went multiplatform with GTA. It is said tat MS walks into prospecive big name devs with a blank check...Who can resist this :)

TriggerHappy6157d ago (Edited 6157d ago )

Sony allowed the game to go multiplatform, Rockstar approached them with the deal and they concurred the game go multiplatform. He also admitted that the PS3's user base was not huge enough to secure this as an exclusive.

Sony's finances has been in places but am sure they would have coughed up the "dough" for exclusivity if the PS3 user base was as big as the wii and still growing. This was confirmed by Phil Harrison numerous time.

The only reason why i think they let it go multi platform is because of th e Getaway which is a first party exclusive.

Omicronn6157d ago

I actually dont think GTA will be as good as the older ones with all the lawsuits against them and not to mention the execs all being indited for cooking the books.

The company with one of the most anticipated titles is also looking like one of the worst investments business wise because you dont know if they are about to go totally under any day.

SEC (Stock Exchange for all you kids) investigations/lawsuits are making me think my most anticipated hardcore vulgar game (that i love) wont be so vulgar anymore with all these mom and pops adding to the lawsuits.

Why didnt Microsoft/Sony buy them recently when they were "semi" up for sale? I think they saw some bad publicity and crooked accounting.

anh_duong6156d ago

SEC is actually securities exchange commission and not stock exchange but anyway we kids understand what you are trying to get at.

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TriggerHappy6157d ago (Edited 6157d ago )

MEGATON...200 comments confirmed....Enjoy/am out.

This is just a rumor though, they do mention it however, no flaming please.

Omegasyde6157d ago

I bet its smugglers run 3 or Max Payne.

I also saw on another site that Rockstar was working on a first person shooter.


dale16157d ago

i think it could be a bigger anouncement in connection with gta as well

timmyp536157d ago

but i doubt.. entirely exclusive.