Codemasters Announces Plan For Evil DRM

Digital Rights Management is probably the single most sensitive thing about PC gaming. You make it too open or include none and your game gets pirated from everywhere and pretty much everyone except the few who actually have the morals to legally purchase the game and support the publisher. Make it too strict (looking at you Ubisoft) and you get a community of outright fury or people who generally will resist the purchase of your games. Then you get the horrible idea from Codemasters...

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Yi-Long3102d ago

I WILL NEVER BUY AN INCOMPLETE GAME! Never ever ever? Never ever ever!!!

Charmers3102d ago

Ah the games industry it was fun whilst it lasted. The greed mongers that are running things now have completely destroyed the industry. If codemasters implements this "plan" then I will be one less customer of their products.

kevnb3102d ago

thats an unfinished game that you need to pay more to get the entire thing.

Faelan3102d ago

Selling unfinished games?







They've been selling unfinished games for years. But I guess it's cool to make it official and sound like it's a feature rather than a bug.

steve30x3102d ago

In all honesty this isnt going to work. The games crackers will find a way to crack those downloadable parts and install them into the game. Anyway I wont buy into this new system Either sell me a finished game or dont sell it at all.