New Releases: StarCraft II, BlazBlue 2, Clash of the Titans

Gaming Target writes:

"After over a decade of waiting, PC gamers will finally get a chance to own the sequel to StarCraft as Blizzard plans to release StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty this week.

It'll be joined by PS3/Xbox 360 fighter BlazBlue: Continuum Shift and PS3/Xbox 360 movie-to-game adaptation Clash of the Titans (which is being released to coincide with the movie's Blu-ray debut)."

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HeroXIV3011d ago

I'm not sure if I should get SC2 I'm bored because of the summer drought and the Galaxy editor looks amazing but I have yet to get into a bare-bones RTS (I always want a hybrid or whatever genre Civilization is). Also, it's published by Activision so there's another negative, and it's not on steam, so my library will look ugly. :(

led10903010d ago

Starcraft is considered to be one of the best games ever, and not just in the strategy genre. And all the previews from various sites have pointed towards the sequel living up to or even surpassing the high standards set by the first game. And the game is developed by Blizzard, one of the best developers out there today. Just that it is being published by Activision. And it not being on Steam does not matter. My point being, there is no reason not to get this game.

spektical3010d ago

My RTS was AOE2.. but i play SC, and it was just as fun, except not enough civs IMO... Sad thing, my 5 yr old laptop just died (powersource blew out), so hopefully with my new purchase i will get SC2. :)

SwiderMan3010d ago

trust us, get starcraft 2. you won't regret it!

SwiderMan3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Really looking forward to next month with Mafia II. SCII should hold me over until then.

3009d ago