FIFA 11: More Details

FIFA 11 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 reinvents player authenticity - on and off the ball - for every player and at every position on the pitch with Personality+, an all-new feature that sees individual abilities reflected in game, enabling clear differentiation for every player.

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FootballZilla3194d ago

Fifa 11 is looking quite good.

Mmmkay3194d ago

better manager mode is all i ask for at this moment.
and the fact that clubs from countries like norway or sweden are not able to qualify for champions league is awful, however denmark are able to get two and three teams qualified (which is not possible for real either).

VoicesInMyHead3193d ago

No need to disagree the post just cos he said the three letter word (PES) instead of a four letter word (FIFA)

Plus competition is good, it brings out the best in both companies....if two companies are going to head to head with great products, consumers win

Senden3194d ago

Lol ironic they mention how player's personality will be reflected on the pitch yet the main big picture shows drogba kicking a ball.. if it was accurately reflected, wouldn't he be rolling on the floor wearing diving goggles?

turok3194d ago

i see wut u did there.

3193d ago