Gran Turismo 5: Petronas Lexus SC430 Super GT in Action

A new gameplay vid of Gran Turismo 5 shows Petronas Lexus SC430 Super GT.

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HeroXIV3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

What's the song in that called? I forget, I like it though. :) GT continuing it's great soundtrack selection. Remember in GT4 the song when you passed a license "OH YEAH!!"

Edit oops : about the video, OMG look how the sunlight glistens on the carbon fibre and the little LED displays look SO realistic. Jesus Christ Polyphony...

Second edit : Holy fuckballs, in the second video does the game really load THAT fast?! Or is it edited?

PoSTedUP3007d ago

i remember 99red ballons in gt4.. or was it 3... anyways for some reason i wined up buying the same cars in like every GT game lol. roughly skylines, lancers, subaru wrx, honda s2000 etc. even in GTpsp i bought all my oldies.

ZombieAutopsy3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Seems like they really got the sense of speed down for this game. The guy playing isn't that great though.

Whiteford883007d ago

Old bud can't drive for shit LOL

Voltago3007d ago

Damn, I want the game right now! Come on, release it! Each new trailer makes waiting worse...

WIIIS13007d ago

That's the problem when u're a PS3 only owner. 360 owners already had their fill of great driving games.

djreplay3007d ago

you have only had Forza and lets be honest that was mediocre, a driving game without a shift animation. lol

redsquad3007d ago

Just goes to prove that "first" doesn't mean "best" and that the "best" is worth waiting for, eh?

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The story is too old to be commented.