Poll: Is Halo 3 Going to Suck?

Everyone loves sequels to big games. Sometimes they live up to expectations, but often times they do not. After TeamXbox's thought provoking editorial entitled Why Bungie Gave Up November? It got Voodoo thinking.

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MACHone4091d ago

So... who knows? I don't think gamers will be let down by the multiplayer experience, and the single player will most likely be more popular due to the recently announced 4-player co-op, but there's always the chance that die-hard fans still won't agree with the story. We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?

toughNAME4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

therefore it cannot live up to the hype

i will be buying this game at the midnight launch and i have faith this will be one of the best games ever

but theres too much boys will pick apart every little thing

like how killzone2s graphics didnt live up to the hype...but they were still amazing grpahics

SofaKingReetodded4091d ago

but for me the BETA killed it, so much so that traded in the 360 after that as it was the only game worth waiting for.

The only console that's giving me a true NEXT GEN experience is the PS3.

Daishi4091d ago

I think my brother bought your used 360 and he plays it every night! Email me after you play Drake's Fortune and I'll cut you a real deal for your PS3 so you can get a Wii!

toughNAME4091d ago

you were believable....until you talked

Daewoodrow4091d ago

I very much doubt SofaKing even ever had a 360.
He probably thinks he'll convince people not to buy one if he tells everyone he traded it in.
I'm only baffled that someone would go through all that trouble. Sort of like when you see people standing in the street shouting that the world is going to end.

vickers5004091d ago

@daewoodrow, toughname
I guess no one has the right to an opinion. Everyone has to like the same thing you 2 do.

Daewoodrow4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Give me a break Vickers. I'm perfectly aware of the almighty "right to an opinion" excuse. I have an equal right. The right to think your opinion is worthless. And the right to tell you. Until you find someone with the right to shoot me, that wont change.

vickers5004091d ago

I hate people who hate peoples opinions.

Daewoodrow4091d ago

Ok Vickers. Just give me a moment to consider how that affects me.

I don't believe you're really naive enough to value everyone's opinions. An opinion is only worth as much as the person who holds it. And i've got to tell you, the world is full of worthless people. People who are unintelligent, slow-witted, and predictable. People who are driven only by their own simple ideals, or indoctrinated by the homogenised society of mindless copies.

All these people hold opinions, and these opinions serve no purpose, and achieve nothing. These opinions will die with the people who hold them.

I don't waste my energy hating these opinions. I look down on them, learn what I can from them, and then let them pass by. Your opinion of me is one such opinion.

SofaKingReetodded4091d ago

dumbwood, is that you don't realize you are looking in the mirror when you see slow, simple people driven by simple ideas.

Noone has been able to compete with Japanese electronics for the last 40 years, maybe even longer.

Sony is one of the company's that started that dominance, and through some magical osmosis you think a SOFTWARE company is gonna do it with only the second iteration of it's console and one which is plagued with more problems than the Iraq war. Yet you want to call those who support the console that right now looks like it has this generation in the bag slow and dumb??

Buddy the word's DUMB TOOL don't begin to describe you.

Daewoodrow4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

And here folks, we have a prime example of an opinion.

He starts by poorly altering my username to create a supposedly insulting one. This seems to amuse him. Followed by an overused insult.

He then makes a wild claim, which is practically impossible to prove, which is probably why he didn't try.

Then he misses the point entirely, apparently thinking I called his opinions worthless because he supports the PS3, when in fact it was because his comment was ignorant and transparent. He spices that one up with some pro-PS3 propaganda, which he was clearly slow enough to fall for when he parted with his cash. He also doesn't know what osmosis means.

And to close it all off, he uses another overused and very American insult.

This, folks, is why I find so many opinions worthless.

ShiftyLookingCow4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )


@Daishi, LMAO that was funny

Omegasyde4091d ago

My opinion (if anyone cares)

Don't slander other peoples opinions. Everyone has right to state thier opinion. Atleast there hasn't been random hardware faqs yet...omfg. You also can really go off a beta, its just to give the user an idea of what the gameplay might be like. You shouldn't even bring graphics into the equation. Granted Halo 3 won't beat Gears of War...But it will Sell more and more people will play it online. Kudos/props/mad respect/my hats off to the advertizing department at microsoft.

In then end with what i think Halo 3 will be....
The multiplayer will be bomb diggity (if I may)

and the Single player will "suck monkey". Then again I never bought the game for Single player, I bought the game for multiplayer. Like atleast ~65% of Xbox 360 owners. Its all about RED vs BLUE, not
"masterchief yet again saves the human race for the upteenth time".

The Hype won't negatively effect sales, it will just effect the scores my magazines/gaming sites. Yet alot of people will still buy halo3 and maybe a 360 because its...........Halo 3.

InMyOpinion4091d ago

I just couldn't help myself to read your last comment with the Comic book store guy's (simpsons) voice in mind. Sorry. I agree with some of the stuff you had to say though, as if that matters LOL.

SofaKingReetodded4090d ago

I've run into your kind before dumbwood, your parents probably talked you up all your life about how special you are and now you actually believe it.

There is nothing more annoying than some wannabe know-it-all who talks down to people like he were sitting on Mt. Olympus. Get off your high horse you retard, you are not impressing anybody with your limited vocabulary and pseudo sophistry. Instead what I notice is that you can't even refute anything I said and instead choose to focus on me. That might work with all the 12 yr olds that make up the xbot nation but you gotta try harder with us grown folk.

Douche4090d ago

Daewoodrow, it is safe to say that you have real personality issues, so...good luck with that. Keep letting your arrogance blind you as you go on percieving life as you wish. As for this hype, I'll take it as it is given. I'm an avid gamer but Halo has not appealed to me as much as it could have. I don't care how much it sells because I don't benefit one bit from its financial state. But I'll definatley give it a go and see how exactly it lives up to its so called hype. And one more thing. @toughNAME, you brought up Killzone 2 for some odd reason in the beginning of these posts stating how it doesn't live up to its hype. How exactly do you know this? It is only in a pre-alpha stage according to the developers and is already looking impressive. You are are judging a game's target render (even though the old trailer was CGI, it was still a target render btw) to a pre-alpha stage. KZ2 is about a year off from its release so I'd give it a little more credit and I'm sort of astounded to the point of blushing that you would mention it here when Halo is the topic of discussion. It's kinda desperate to compare a game in a pre-alpha state, which is already looking suberb to say the least, to a supposive killer-app already on it's way to store shelves soon.

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Covenant4091d ago

I call flamebait! (Ducks behind anti-fanboy shield, runs like hell for nearest bomb shelter).

BTW, it's Halo, and it's Bungie. Have a little faith.

beavis4play4091d ago

why do you have to say its halo AND its bungie? this is the only game they ever did that amounted to anything. i will say it will do well by default on the basis that ms has never had or has another great first party game.

RadientFlux4091d ago

they also did the Myth series... a great RTS series

Skizelli4091d ago

Apparently you haven't heard of Marathon, either.

Daewoodrow4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Oh I see "beavis". So because Halo is Bungie's only "famous" achievment, we can't have faith in their ability to create games.

So by that logic, Tolkien is only really famous for The Lord of The Rings trilogy and The Hobbit. Does that mean we can't call Tolkien a good writer?

And the Wachowski brothers can't be called good movie makers because they're only famous for The Matrix?

ben hates you4091d ago

Marathon was quiet big, proud PC owners had doom, and proud Mac owners had marathon, and soon xbox 360 will have marathon

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nasim4091d ago

to even be considered as a next gen game.


Odion4091d ago

realism isn't needed you tool, and how is a poll news?

Raptors4091d ago

Honestly Nasim, is that the only thing you know how to say? Halo is too cartoonistic? You say that a million times in every single post whether halo is the topic or not. Is there anything about Halo that you actually like?

MoonDust4091d ago

Dumb fanboy, brain of a goldfish.

STICKzophrenic4091d ago

...this coming from the same person who names Hot Shots 5 as a must have for PS3 owners.

Get a life dumb*ss.

360Crusader4091d ago

Lair is a nice looking game. But not the best. But isnt Crysis only for the PC? If so then why bother its not a PS3 made game right?

Daishi4091d ago

At least it's not like Killzone 2 which is a black and white game. There are millions of colors, give me more than 2 of them please!

IQUITN4G4091d ago

He's clearly trying to wind people up here even if he does think Halo is cartoony.If you don't want to play Halo3 then fine by me but only because i know how much more fun i will be having playing this so called cartoon game.

I know you find it hilarious to post on these articles but you only make yourself sound ignorant and without intelligence - really what's the point?

The Chief of Mjolnir4091d ago

Played the Beta? I think if you havn´t played the beta, you should just be quiet. Because there is a lot of difference between watching Halo 3 on Internet and playing it.

And what of the grafics are cartoonish? Oh, it´s shiny and got more details, so it must be cartoonish. Ehh, think again.

DeadIIIRed4091d ago

@Daishi: Black and White? I've already said this once before but if you are so ignorant to claim that Killzone 2 is black and white then you must consider Gears of War to be "black and white" as well.

If some people would just read the article then they would realize that Bungie is being somewhat lazy about developing this game. Not like it matters though. Hell, they could go around collecting a million pieces of dog crap, slap a Halo logo on it and it would still sell millions.

@ anybody who played the Halo 3 beta: Did you honestly think the graphics were anywhere near "next gen" standards? I'll admit that it was all fun while it lasted, but it wasn't anything new either.

BLACKJACK VII4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

NO Alan Wake...
NO Bioshock...
NO Mass Effect Trilogy...
NO Gears of War Trilogy....
NO Too Human Trilogy...
NO Halo Wars...
NO Halo 3...
NO Huxley...
NO PGR4...
NO Lost Odyssey....
NO Blue Dragon...
NO Overlord...
NO Marvel MMO...
NO Fable 2...
NO Naruto...
NO Eternal Sonata...
NO Dead Rising...
NO SC:Conviction...
NO Grank Theft IV DLC...
NO Football @ 60fps...
NO Marketplace content...
NO Multiplayer chat...
NO Rumble...
NO Achievements...

And the "deal clincher" for Xbox360: NO NASIM & NO AQUAVIVA71!!!!

Naziboy: "HALO 3 looks too cartoonistic
to even be considered as a next gen game. vs LAIR and CRYSIS "

Yeah, *only* 4+ million gamers have already preordered HALO 3. How many preorders does Lair have ? Hmmm ? How are those reviews going ? How's those six axis controls shaping up for Lair ? Frankly, riding around on a 'Dragon' sounds alittle bit like a "cartoon" to me.

CRYSIS is a PC game, moron !! WTF !?! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!

@aquaviva71 post #5: Your list is looking pretty weak compared to Xbox360's TOOL! Better add some more 'spaces' & multiplat's to your post !!!

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Raptors4091d ago

I love these articles lol But really, hate halo or not its gonna come out with good score reviews. Personally I love the franchise and I can't see Bungie letting their baby fall to the wayside with so many heavyhitters (MGS4, Killzone, Bioshock, Mass Effect, GTA 4 etc) coming out soon.

aquaviva714091d ago

Uncharted-Drake's Fortune,


Hevenly Sword,


Heavy Rain,

Hot Shots 5,


Ratchet & Clank,

Unreal Tournament 3,

Time Crisis 4 with Guncon,

Eight Days,

Gran Tourismo HD,

Tekken 6

and then after Christmas(No more than one or two months after)theres:


Burnout Paradise,

Killzone 2,

Metal Gear Solid 4.

AND ofcourse MORE like..... GTA IV

Daxx4091d ago

Some of those games are coming to the 360 around the same time as the PS3, some of those games are IPs that I don't really care about, and most of those games won't be as much fun as Halo 3.

Eagle Eye4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Could you please stop posting the exact same thing in every 360 thread.
You already did it twice plus you did the same thing in the Bioshock receives 10/10 at ap mag.

comment 57 and 64: You are pasting the exact same thing every where you go.

MoonDust4091d ago

Don't know what it has to do with this article.

360Crusader4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

You really are a idiot. For starters GTA4 is coming to the 360.
( which will be PS3 best selling game on that list ) Unreal Tournament 3 is a PS3 timed exclusive.

How about 360 exclusive console games.
Halo 3
Mass Effect
Blue Dragon
Eternal Sonata
Two Worlds
Lost Odyssey edit: ( january 1, 2008 ) according to gamestop

A nice combo of rpg's and FPS games wouldnt you say?
And thats only for this year. And only their exclusive console games.

So come back when your worthy. And next time think your wanna be 360 insults before you write them. GTA4 and Unreal Tournament 3 jeez.

vickers5004091d ago

Only 3 of those titles are actually going to be good.

Halo 3
Mass Effect

I have a 360 and those, plus gears of war, are the only reason I have one.

ben hates you4091d ago

I could give a rats a$$ what vickers and aquaviva have to say, but @down below

the launch title perfect dark zero offered 32 players online at a time,

i has nothing to do with hardware just what the designers want, you could have 40 v 40 on last gen hardware, but most peoples internet might not handle it well and that might be to many people

360Crusader4091d ago

Hey man thats your opinion. Everyone has their own tastes. I think all will be great and I'm buying every single one of them.
So dont start talking stupid.

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