5th Diablo 3 Class Leaked from @Diablo Twitter

A question about weapons on diablo 3 twitter turned out to be an indirectly answer for the fifth class from Blizzard.

So far we’ve seen weapons Like axes, hammers, staves, (Yeah, staves) and fist weapons. Question is: Any more types of melee weapons?—Vulcaino

Spear. Dagger. Polearm. I think that covers it.—Diablo

Thanks for replying to my questions. Makes the wait more bearable. Now.. About those ranged weapons —Vulcaino

What makes you think the fifth class doesn’t use those weapon types? —

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chak_3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

leaked on twitter?


and I wouldn't call "What makes you think the fifth class doesn’t use those weapon types? " a confirmation for anything.

Stupidest "news" of the day

Brugs3011d ago

Well if you are really into the diablo 3 news and have followed all the conspiracy theories about the fifth class you will sure know that this is a clear indication.

Also the article says: "an indirectly answer for the fifth class from Blizzard."

Because the community has already proved that the fifth class is related to a shooter class since it's the only missing class in Diablo 3.

So yes it is a very legit and valid point, that is supported by other Diablo 3 fansites.

Perjoss3011d ago

has there been any word on how many classes there will be in final game?

Nihilism3011d ago

5 classes + more in the expansions, blizzard has said that they may bring back old classes in the expansions...I anticipate necromancer V2....I liked the druid more but it wasn't very popular

Kingdom Come3011d ago

Blizzard will support the game continuously, adding both classes AND missions, thanks for the info.

Spenok3009d ago

Agreed. So are we looking at something like a Ranger then?

3011d ago
Nihilism3011d ago

I would be very disappointed if it was the amazon or assasin, or anything like them.

That would mean that the paladin was traded for the monk aka the same thing.

and the necromancer traded for the witch doctor

and the sorceress traded for the wizard

and if any of those other 2 classes reappear that means that a game 10 year later essentially has no new classes, way to innovate blizzard :S

Brugs3011d ago

Well you are right there is nothing new in that way, but they the new classes have new skills and that should give D3 a new approach. It's like D&D they want to cover the basic elements in RPG.

Darkfiber3011d ago

That's not a leak, that's not anything.

I still like the idea of a viking. One tree for ranged, one tree for sword and board, and one tree for spears. Would make more sense since no class has any shield skills either. What kind of game would this be with no shields? "Bowman" wouldn't use a shield.

Nihilism3011d ago

The barbarian seems kind of viking like in this game with his long grey platted beard etc and his gear looks kind of celtic...

I don't even care what the 5th class is, i;m going witch doctor or wizard first, the chain lightning + incinerate beam + teleport looks hella fun

Brugs3011d ago

The Viking has been mentioned as the fifth class, however the class have to similar abilities with close combat class. I can't see how a Viking should use ranged weapons. Well guess we will know exactly at blizzcon 2010

Cheeseknight283011d ago

I can't see how a Viking can be considered any sort of an archetype. It's not like every culture in the past has had a "viking", only vikings had vikings.

For any other culture, it would be a... barbarian.

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