Pocket Gamer iPhone/iPad podcast: Episode 87 - Hero of Sparta II, UT, Plunderland, FF Tactics

Pocket Gamer:

In what will later be described by podcast historians as one of the longest recording sessions of that generation, Ben, Tracy, Alex, and Will managed to just about pull through this week’s recording without having to resort to cannibalism.

Thanks to the magic of audio editing software, however, you don’t get to hear the sharpening of knives and hysterical screaming, but instead get treated to the best bits of a conversation that ranged far and wide.

From discussing new releases like Let’s Golf! 2 and Plunderland, to pondering Gameloft’s game re-creation strategy, Sega’s retro games library, and a tightening of the noose around the release date of Mirror’s Edge (not much tighter, mind), no stone goes unturned by the intrepid foursome.

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