Conflicting Goals

Rob Fahey: "With the price for the system finally nailed down, the last major piece of the jigsaw in place, it's reasonable to pose the question - what is Kinect designed to do for Microsoft? It's a question made all the more important by the fact that the company itself doesn't seem to be entirely sure."

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Game-ur3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Why don’t they demo the thing in apartments, it's always in a big house, is it available only in the suburbs?

DigitalRaptor3011d ago

I think we already know the answer to that question! ;)

venum3011d ago

This article is really interesting and complete.

Bigpappy3011d ago

Thats where the 360S-4gig comes in. That deal is there specificly for new comers (Casuals). When Wii was released, it was about $300. In fact it actually cost more, as you had to buy a card for game saves and a Nunchuck. They look in good shape from where I stand, and it is obvios they are trying to expand.

RageAgainstTheMShine3011d ago

yeah microshaft is picking in little kids and unsuspecting mothers now.... because they know its easier to sell toys to kids than sell a defective device to people with brains and knows good stuff from bad hardware.

Now they are counting on wee kids to save their asses. Muwahahahahaha! Backward minded fools.

You know why PS3 is catching up on 360?
Xbox 360 has NO APPEAL like Sony PlayStation brand! NO SEX APPEAL!

I expect a backlash next year when M$ floods Gamestop with tons upon tons of MicroShaft exclusive after Reach and Gears3- tons of Kinect exclusives.
While PS3 gamers are spoiled rotten with AAAAAAAAAA foreward-minded next generation core games much much better than Uncharted 2.