thatgamecompany: We Love These Guys (RunDLC)

If you consider yourself a hardcore gamer and PS3 owner, chances are good that you’ve seen and/or played a game designed by thatgamecompany, one of the most respected development groups on PSN. Sony’s second party developer, contracted to produce three titles for the publisher, has achieved critical acclaim for efforts that stray off the beaten path while offering unique, challenging and fun gameplay. In a virtual world full of cookie cutter sequels, these immensely talented people offer a fresh perspective and we applaud them for it.

That said, and if you couldn’t already tell, we’re huge fans of their work. Yes, they’ve only made three games with a fourth on the way, but each one has made an impact in some way. On that note, we present to you thatgamecompany’s short but sweet resume.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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LEO_cst3006d ago

i can't wait for Journey.

Buff10443006d ago

Yeah Journey looks amazing. Everything this company makes is great.

clank5433006d ago

I love their games, and journey does look amazing! However, I hope I don't feel like so much of a treehugger by the end of this one unlike FLOWER. I hate that creepy hippie feeling!