Kinect And PS Move In a Nutshell

Ripten Writes: "I have a yearly subscription to Game Informer, and Chris Stead, the Editor of the now booming magazine opened Issue #8 up with quite a well written and well said piece. When I read this it really blew me away because it literally sums up to the point how Microsoft and Sony are too late to the party. In fact, they were less invited then Naughty Bear..."

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Drjft3009d ago

This literally sums it up perfectly. Easiest way it could've ever been put.

darkcharizard3009d ago

" Sony and Microsoft waste millionss trying to lure the handful of casuals yet to buy a Wii into that space, the Japanese veterans have boldly come out and declared a desire to reignite their connection with the hardcore." -- This line was bulls*it

PS3 and 360 continue to get hardcore titles as well. It's not like the hardcore have no place on these consoles.

Also Wii will be pretty hardcore by 2011 with Mario, Metroid, Kirby, Zelda, Donkey Kong, GoldenEye, Epic Mickey, Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Sonic, Super Smash Bros etc in its library...

ChronoJoe3009d ago

SSB, DQ, Kirby, and Mario aren't hardcore. Neither is goldeneye when it's played with a Wii mote, although it will be if played with a classic controller pro - as recommended.

Also no one's gonna buy metroid or epic mickey. Not because they're bad games or anything it's just those are the sales trends on the Wii, no one buys third party games like that, especially the dark/hardcore ones, and very few buy metroid in the first place.

Playerz83009d ago

Hey everyone, remember, PS Move is Kinect and Wii at the SAME TIME!! PS Move controller+Eyetoy=Everyting you could ever need. (Well not really, but you get the point)

darkcharizard3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Get ur stupid fanboy BS out of here.. It's pretty obvious that a dumbf*ck like u doesn't know what a hardcore nintendo gamer is.

Living in ur little shell of shooters and not open to the variey of good games out there.. still staying with mom and step dad, turning the volume down so they don't here you play your 360. I understand u must be an emo & retarded teen; life can be horrible sometimes, and I pity you.

Silver3603009d ago

Sony and MS are taking the long term view. When the next generation launches Nintendo will not have a unique feature which will allow them to run away with the market. At that point it will be based on games people want to play. And in this new market Nintendo is woefully behind in shooters and RPG's. There is no way they can catch Nintendo, but it will never happen again with move and Kinect being apart of the more hardcore systems.

Boody-Bandit3009d ago

"Sony and MS are taking the long term view. When the next generation launches Nintendo will not have a unique feature which will allow them to run away with the market."

^Great point!

Sandwich Bender3009d ago

It still baffles me how big of a deal Sony is making out of Move.

KingNintendoFanboy3009d ago

They are not interested in gimmicks.

Poseidon3009d ago

so much tech in so little time, 3d, led tv, ps move, my wallets taking a beating

Garnett3009d ago

That is good, yet a problem. Sony wont know how to market all these features, so they will end up like Six Axis (Rarely used).

Though personally, i think MOVE will be great for Hardcore gamers, but casual games i dont know the price of PS3 is a little high, same with Kinect.

LBD_Nytetrayn3009d ago

Guess we'll see where things go. There's no way they'll outsell Nintendo with these things, of that I'm sure, and I'm sure they're aware of it. That said, how many will it take for them to be "successful?"

jneul3009d ago

Ps Move is the future, it may not sell as much as nintendo wiiremote but it has brought a new level to motion control, and I can wait to try it out.

DelbertGrady3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

What's this new level? Name one Move game that can't or haven't already been done on the Wii. Move is basically a carbon copy of WiiMotion+.

Briefcase Joe3009d ago

Does the Wii have a camera to do augmented reality? I'm sure they could add one, but as of right now, they can't do it.

jneul3008d ago

lol evidence of what psmove brings new to the table, it hurts when the truth slaps you in the face make sure you watch the video on that site, because last time i looked object modelling is not possible on wiimote even with wiimotion plus

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