Michael Jordan Moments We Don't Need To Re-experience In NBA 2K11 (RunDLC)

Recently, 2K Sports announced plans to include ten of Michael Jordan’s signature moments in NBA 2K11. These include such historic achievements as the double nickel he dropped on the Knicks and the epic final shot against the Utah Jazz in the 1998 NBA Finals. Although they deserve their place amongst MJ’s greatest highlights, rumors have already started about the possibility of more accomplishments via downloadable content, including The Shot over former Cavaliers player Craig Ehlo.

Hey, we’re all for some MJ DLC, but some moments should remain in the past. Here now, are some of Jordan’s less impressive moments that don't belong in the video game.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Buff10443034d ago

Ah John Starks...why did you go 2 for 18!?!?!?