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Poseidon3103d ago

looks amazing, but the subscription...

OneSneakyMofo3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

It's an MMO... 9 times out of 10 there will be a subscription fee.

On topic:

Nice twist. Too bad I'll be playing Star Wars: The Old Repubilc. Maybe I'll pick this up down the road.

Poseidon3103d ago

mu online is a free mmo, but if i get more dough coming in, ill buy this game, it really is on my wish list.

rdgneoz33103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Mu is free to play, but micro transactions in it like many other free to play MMOs. I hate micro transactions more than monthly fees. If someone feels like $100 on items, they can get better geared or level faster than others that aren't that crazy (I've seen people do it...). At least with monthly fees, everyone's on equal footing, and the money the developers get from either way goes towards creating new content for free / improving the game. Guild Wars was a pretty good Free to play MMO (if you ignore the exapansion packs, though those added a nice deal of content), but not much of a community when you had like 50 instances of a town. Hoping Guild Wars 2 turns out good.

As for DC UO,hoping PS+ members might get a price reduction / early beta invites (signed up for the beta from their site already).

Kal11383102d ago

I'll be playing this until the release of The Old Republic.

silvacrest3102d ago

thats my plan to but i'm hoping DC might be good enough for me to stay long term

who noes...

deafwing3102d ago

.. have been nice but the story setup seems epic

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rdgneoz33103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Most MMOs have subscriptions. Not many free to play ones that are great. As long as they bring new content, provide great service, and fine tune the game / listen to the players, it shouldn't be too bad. $15 a month is a new game every 4 months. If you have trouble with cash, get a job or learn to save on sh!t you don't need. Only problem I can see the game facing is being in the same month as LB2 and GT5, with both having collectors editions (LBP2 being $99 and GT5 $99).
As for the trailer, loving the story to it. Was amazed when I saw it on Spike and can't wait till I can get to try it.

p.s. Hoping any discounts for the game associated with PS+...

Brewski0073102d ago

I'll buy this if i can buy the subscription by topping up through the PSN. IF its credit card only , then it can stay on the shelf gathering dust.

sikbeta3102d ago

WOW! what an Intense Trailer, this game is going to Rock!

hazeblaze3102d ago

NO WHERE in ANY of the previews for the last two years have they mentioned a subscription. In fact, they mentioned that they were considering a non-subscription model similar to Guild Wars. So, as of right now... there is no subscription fee. It's possible that they just have not announced it yet though. Either way, day one purchase for me. I'm pre-ordering this weekend!

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IMChampion3103d ago

This is an awesome story that fits right into the DC universe. I really want to get it but yeah, that fee.

HeroXIV3103d ago

I want to see the guys who made this make an entire movie. Sweetest 6 minutes ever.

silvacrest3102d ago

it had the same cinematic quality as the old republic trailers

it would be awesome for this to be turned into a movie but i think the production cost would be really high

lodossrage3102d ago

not to mention i liked the gameplay I saw awhile back. Yeah I hate having to pay the sub fee....but I SERIOUSLY just might

MajestieBeast3102d ago

Great that they got Mark Hamil to voice the Joker. I guess SOE wanted to show that not only Bioware and Blizzard can make good cinematic trailers.

SixZeroFour3102d ago

the starcraftII trailer was amazing...its right up there with some cinematic movies, and even puts some to shame

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