Top 5 Video Games That Need an HD Remake []

HD remakes are slowly becoming a trend for popular games such as God of War, Sly Cooper, and (quite possibly) Shadow of the Colossus. With so many developers reaping the benefits of HD and re-releasing their games with snazzy new graphics, what other titles could benefit from the HD treatment?

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Poseidon3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

twisted metal black
gta vice city/san andreas


im having eggs
ham toast, orange juice and your bubbles.

rumplstilts3750d ago

My friend wanted a list of PS3 exclusives amd I was to lazy to make a list so I decided to put that comment. I knew someone would put a list.


GTA Vice City and San Andreas are on PS2/Xbox
Manhunt is on PS2/Xbox
The original Shadowman isn't on the PS3. You are thinking of Shadowman 2.
Also PS3 exclusives. Not PS2.

I couldn't have hoped for a worse reply.

Rot_in_Fail3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

GTA Collection (III/VC/SA) on one disc with trophies would be a killer and sell like crazy

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Alos883749d ago

Argument has no basis in fact.

gtamike3749d ago

Twisted Metal Black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (add online to like in the other ps2 ver)

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NYC_Gamer3750d ago

all those games are worth the hd treatment

HeroXIV3750d ago

Indigo Prophecy doesn't need a HD remake. It's already HD on PC and it's still pretty damn good looking. Smooth animations, film grain + effects, epic orchestral scores, and the good old David Cage story telling ... Ok I'm going off topic. Love the game so much.

Would like to see XIII, Okami, TimeSplitters 2 (with online mode), MGS3 Substinence (with online mode), Dragon Quest VIII, Final Fantasy X remade in HD.

VersusEM3750d ago

good list but I have some games add to it: Final Fantasy, Persona, Jak & Daxter, Killzone( yeah I know it wasnt great but they could fix all the problems) Okami, Burnout 3, Ratcet & Clank, Star Ocean. & Manhunt.

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The story is too old to be commented.