Jaffe Contemplating Twisted Multiplayer Beta

PSLS writes: We got to try the freshly announced Twisted Metal at E3, but when will gamers get to try it out? Jaffe talks about his plans for a Twisted Metal multiplayer beta in an recent interview.

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Sev3008d ago

If Sony were smart they'd push the beta for PlayStation Plus subscribers. I bet they'd get a ton of subscriptions just for this beta.

-MD-3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

That would be a good move for Sony but a bad thing for us gamers that aren't interested in PS+

I would gladly pay for a month of PS+ to be in the beta though no doubt.

Edit: @guitarded77 - Why would Infamous 2 need a beta?

Edit 2: @ OneSneakyMofo - I wasn't even aware Infamous 2 had multiplayer... it does?

OneSneakyMofo3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

All online multiplayer games need some form of beta. Look at Gears of War 2... I don't know what they were thinking, but they needed some form of beta test. Also I think Socom didn't have a beta, and it shipped out with a lot of bugs/glitches.

T9X693008d ago

SOCOM definitely had a beta, but it was so bad it was not even playable.

capjacksparrow3008d ago

It hasn't formally been announced, but it's been hinted at.

OneSneakyMofo3008d ago

Hey guys, I was telling Murderdolls through PM that inFamous 2 does have multiplayer for those unaware.

After the cutscene, it shows the "It only does..." ticker. Well, one of the rotating words is "multiplayer." That pretty much confirms it.

theKiller3007d ago

what is so good about Twisted Metal? i played it on PSP and i found it boring!! it was something like Mario Kart but with ugly faces and dark environment!!

so whats the big fuss about? or was it that TM franchise came before mario kart?

tyrex3007d ago

twisted metal is not a kart racer. i would advise you to look on youtube for twisted metal black gameplay. and the more recent gameplay videos for the up and coming twisted metal. the fact that you brought up mario kart and twisted metal in the same breath, i cant imagine what you played on psp.

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guitarded773008d ago

TM, Infamous 2 and KZ3 BETAs would push the s#!t out of playstation +.

OneSneakyMofo3008d ago

The beta access was just one of the many reasons why I purchased PS+. Let's hope Sony's marketing team thinks like Sev.

PHOSADRA3008d ago

As he has already proven...he is good at misleading and keeping things under wraps....

marioPSUC3008d ago

I would die to get into this beta.

getonmylev3l3008d ago

But, then you wouldn't experience the orgasm that is Twisted Metal.

CrippleH3007d ago

How could you experience the beta if you're dead? hahaha

PopEmUp3007d ago

dieing is not a way to go lol

Silly gameAr3008d ago

PS+ or public it doesn't matter. Get it done and I'll do whatever it takes to get in.

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