Ten Games To Soothe Mel Gibson's Soul

Mel Gibson had a stellar Hollywood career for decades, starring in action blockbusters like Lethal Weapon and The Patriot and winning Academy Awards for his work on Braveheart. Unfortunately for him, it’s recently come to light that he’s quite possibly the worst human being on the planet. With lengthy audio tapes leaking to the internet that showcase Mel’s raging sexism, violent behavior, and racism, the guy seems like he could use a helping hand. There’s only so much we can do being video game journalists and all, but we’re not the type to sit on our hands while a troubled soul clearly needs help. Let’s take a look at ten games Mel Gibson should be playing while this firestorm of controversy swirls around him.

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MMFGaming3036d ago

I'm sure Mel would enjoy GTA.

"Hey thar sugar tits!" *runs over cop w/ car*

Playerz83035d ago

Ya I'm sure he's played it before. Is that what happens to everyone who plays GTA?

On a side note: Mel totally reminds me of Niko Bellic. Hmmm???