We so need a new Sony PSP

When losing horribly in a fist fight, one should know when its time to scrape their bloody remains from the bar floor, go home and think of a game plan for tomorrow's throw down. Sony obviously doesn't have a clear grasp on this concept. The Playstation Portable or PSP has been losing the handheld war to Nintendo's DS for almost a decade now. Instead of admitting defeat and going back to the drawing board, the technological powerhouse has left their portable gaming system on the bar floor begging for the white towel.

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mrmcygan3197d ago

I'm guessing that the PSP2 will be announced in GamesCom.

sikbeta3197d ago

TGS for Sure or CES depending if this new PSP2 add new other features and the such...

raztad3197d ago

With GoW:GoS coming in december and looking that good I doubt Sony is announcing any new PSP in TGS.

Spenok3197d ago

If not there then TGS, and if not either, and VERY soon after im sure.

atticus143197d ago

dont get me wrong, I would love to see a psp2...but i dont know why they would announce one when they are pouring the most money ever into marketing the psp and making what seems to be some of the best games of its life. It would totally destroy any hype the first one has going as more then likely those without one would either #1 wait for the new one to buy #2 wait for another price drop since a new one is coming out.

Also with the reported Tegra 2 issues (uses too much power) it looks like it might be set back even longer :<

PoSTedUP3197d ago

i agree! the psp is seeing some extraordinary games recently and upcoming. i havent touched my ps3 in a while, been playing persona3portable, metal gear solid peacewalker, socom ftb3 etc.

psp is a must have right now, im glad i own one. it is on fire imo.

Esena3197d ago

Don't forget... you can get patapon 2 for 7.99 now on the ps store! :)

And also...if you are an FF fan. You can play all the PSone classics on there. A pretty sweet way to play the FFs.a

Playerz83197d ago

I would love if they were to announce a PSP 2 at GamesCom, but they just started a new ad campaign and the PS3 is what Sony is focusing their attention on, so expect a PSP 2 at E3 2011.

RockmanII73197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

1 - Didn't they say at E3 that their will be years before the next PSP

2 - With that new GoW game coming out, a PSP2 will hurt those sales

3 - If they release one in 2012, they won't have to compete with the 3DS and will be able to put better tech into it at a cheaper price

silvacrest3197d ago

why wouldn't a PSP2 compete with a 3DS just because it 2012?

if anything 3DS would be cheaper since its been out longer and yet again the PSP would have a disadvantage in terms and being released later

sony need to strike soon otherwise they will be chasing again

pedrami913197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Im still guessing it's CES 2011, TGS is more about games ( FFVSXIII & Agito being possible show stealers) and Gamescon is a little too early for a PSP successor reveal.

My 2 cents.

"With that new GoW game coming out, a PSP2 will hurt those sales "

Not if the PSP2 is backwards compatible.
Besides, who said the PSP2 (if it really does exist) would be released before the best PSP games are out ? the ones that Sony knows is going to sell ?

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jaredhart3197d ago

Hopefully. The PSP2 definitely has it's work cut out for it. The 3DS is looking really strong.

mrmcygan3197d ago

The the 3DS looks really nice, but 3D tech is expensive so expect the 3DS to be at 249.99 and maybe even 299.99.

OneSneakyMofo3197d ago

Nintendo isn't stupid. There's no way they are going to shell out a handheld device that costs $300. That's so unlike them. Normally, they take the cheap way out and release something that gives them $5-$20 in profit per unit sold. (Wii and Gamecube are good examples - not so sure about the DS).

I expect $200 MAX.

Neo Nugget3197d ago

No kidding. 300 3DS? Why not get a ps3 instead?

lonix3197d ago

its hard to carry a ps3 in your pocket

HeroXIV3197d ago

I'd love a PSP2 to be announced at TGS this year because the 3DS looks so awesome I'd buy one blindly right now, no reviews, no launch title info, no price info etc, I'd just get it.

washingmachine3197d ago

the psp is still kick azz,but a new psp will be aw3some

Griffmo3197d ago

My guess is no psp2 announcement until after the holidays considering some big name games are still on tap. Not to mention the big marketing push with that kid from role models. Obviously sony is working on it.

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