Comic-Con: Empire Strikes Bank

Ex: Just as Comic-Con marks "Star Wars" Friday, police are now searching for a man of the force, who robbed a bank dressed as Darth Vader. Approximately 6 feet tall, Vader stole an undetermined amount of cash after pulling out his light saber (ok so it was a gun) in a Chase Bank.

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CrAppleton3062d ago

"No self respecting gamer/comic reader would do this without a full costume." indeed

DaRockSays3062d ago

Well, if there was no saber then this is for sho not a gamer or readre

evrfighter3062d ago

he's using a gun?

I find his lack of faith....disturbing

Neco5123062d ago

That's not entirely true. Maybe he just couldn't afford a full costume. He IS robbing a bank after all

UnSelf3062d ago

darth vader with a blaster lol

Neco5123062d ago

HAHAHA awesome! When will the Master Chief be robbing BofA?

CrAppleton3062d ago

That would be freaking hilarious.. not that robbing a bank is a good thing.. but this is great

DaRockSays3062d ago

I think I would pay to see that shi

Neco5123062d ago

Im actually surprised that someone hasn't done this sooner. Now as long as he doesn't go and gloat about it, he's home free

MxShade3062d ago

Where was Batman? Han Solo? Oh the lack of heroes these days are deplorable.

dan_chan893062d ago

i wanna see someone in a wookie outfit rob a bank haha.

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