Complete Kane And Lynch 2: Dog Days PSN Trophy List

Check out the complete trophy list for the upcoming Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days.

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NecrumSlavery3103d ago

I played the demo, and I really dig the handycam art style, it gives a more grimey cinematic feel, but the controls are weak, the enemy AI moves very unrealistic, and the cameras shakyness make me nauseous. It was over all a 7/10 demo IMO. I like the trailer a lot, so I am probably going to rent it.

Ryo-Hazuki3103d ago

I had no issues with anything except maybe the unrealistic movement by the enemies. That will probably be resolved when it comes out. Day 1 buy

P_Bomb3102d ago

Constant shaky cam while running literally made me feel...unwell. Thank goodness you can toggle it off!