Can the JRPG Be Fixed?

It’s no secret that the Japanese Role Playing game, once the provider of some of the deepest gaming experiences around is currently going through a period of stagnation. Like the rest of the Japanese industry - aside perhaps from the looming Nintendo - the JRPG is facing a very quiet and yet very real crisis, trying to broaden its appeal with western gamers whilst retaining what made the genre great in the first place.

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Godmars2903008d ago

But only if they stop trying to pander to HD gaming.

Imperator3008d ago

And stop trying to "westernize" their games. I mean, the good old Japanese formula has worked for decades. Why the heck do they think westernizing now is a good idea is beyond me.

Blaine3008d ago

I agree that trying too hard to Westernize JRPGs doesn't help them one bit, but let's not forget about the other extreme: overly-Japanese RPGs like FFX-2.

Here's what I think: gameplay does not need to be Westernized one bit. Turn-based? Bring it on! I especially liked FFX's system because knowing the order of attacks made it more tactical. It definitely didn't make it easier, either.

But for the characters and story, westernizing (globalizing, maybe?) wouldn't hurt--especially in the stereotypes department.

PoSTedUP3008d ago

i am a noob when it comes to RPGs, but ive been playing persona3portable on my psp for the past 2 day and i freaking love it. who would have known.... it just came out like 2 weeks ago.

on topic- do JRPGs need recovery? hell if i know. im a noob remember.

ButterToast3008d ago

I agree with Blaine. JRPGs don't need westernizing, but they definitely need some innovation particularly in the story and characters department. It would be nice to see some JRPG developers step up and give us a story that's half as good as some of the older JRPGs like Xenogears.

The Persona series is a good example of what a good JRPG should be. It has a more mature deep plot characters and doesn't succumb to trying to westernize. and I felt persona 4 in particular did a great job in pacing both in terms of story and battles.

I've been playing JRPGs since the SNES days, I've grown up, it would be nice if at least a few of my JRPGs did as well because right now I only have SMT for more mature stories.

Reibooi3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )


I HATE when people bring up story and characters are weaknesses in JRPGs. You want them to westernize that? Really? So you want faceless generic Medieval Knight #56375 Or Bald Space Marine #76857646. Yeah go ahead and westernize those characters that's a GREAT idea.

Here is a hint. The characters in JRPG's are already globalized. They appeal to more countries in the world the stuff from western RPG's which is why JRPG's have had higher sales world wide then WRPG's.

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Godmars2903008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Actually, if Japanese have to "Westernize" anything, it should be the maturity and age level of main characters. Make them 18-25 instead of 10 and younger.

And heck, they - Square - have been trying to get rid of turn based combat since FFX. That they'd have to go back to it is probably what's holding up a FFVII remake - with real-time you just lose the ability to show off flashy attacks.

Game-ur3008d ago

Luck is actually a very important factor in MegaTen games, it governs the success rate of stat ailment that almost every enemy has, and most importantly instant death attacks.

Grinding is a make or break for an RPG, a player shouldn't be forced to do too much of it just to finish the main quest, its best left for side quests, and if the battle system is fun and rewarding many hours will be spent on them. I had a lot of fun stringing 3 encounters and looking for criticals in Tales of Vesparia, the 100+ hours just breezed by.

Here is what I consider a winning formula: the storytelling and production of FF13+ the game play of Resonance of Fate.

VersusEM3008d ago

have to say I was ready to disagree with u but what ur saying is making alot of sense to me. If a game like that came along I probaly think it was 1 of the best games of all time. But my only problem with XIII was it didnt have any mini games like snowboarding(just an example) but other than that it was a great game. PS-Any1 heard any news on Persona 5.

ClownBelt3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

It's already been known for quite a long time that Persona 5 is in the works.

Hope that they'll reveal something on TGS, and hope that it's gonna be on a home console.

MajestieBeast3008d ago

I really hope Persona 5 is on ps3 or ps2 not psp or ds i hate that dq9 is on ds and valkyrie chronicles 2 on psp dumbass decisions.

PoSTedUP3008d ago

you should get a psp then ; ) ....just saying.

im am playing persona3 portable atm (my first persona and first RPG game) and i am loving it. i will most defiantly get valkria cronicles 2 because what i have noticed after playing jak&dak lost frontier, persona3portable, mgsPW, socomftb3, motorstorm artic and GTpsp is that graphics do not matter to me anymore. i have been having so much fun with these games. zelda on the DA as well, brilliant game imo. so much fun to be had on these handhelds.

RedPawn3008d ago

"I once farted on the set of Blue Lagoon."


Zerodin3008d ago

...and raise you a anus that's an outtie!

DARKrage343008d ago

Kingdom Hearts BBS and then follow it with Kingdom Hearts III for the PS3!!!

zatrox3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Isn't Kingdom Hearts a game that was supposed to be half goin' to Disneyland half fightin' faggot "evil" guys, but instead ended up with even MORE faggotry?

No, I was just saying how I felt while playing KH.

ranmafandude3008d ago

did you actually try to offend kingdom hearts fans?

Capt-FuzzyPants3008d ago

KH was a great game i completely agree with DARKrage34

admanb3004d ago

Kingdom Hearts II made me want to punch my own brain out.

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