Pay-to-Play is for Morons. But, We Might Be Morons

SarcasticGamer: Michael Pachter… Who is this guy? His name keeps coming up, and until Lono pointed me in the right direction, I had no idea who this devil-man was. Apparently, he’s a highly influential marketing analyst whose words cause a near-panic state, on gaming message boards everywhere, each time he speaks. So, why are we discussing him this time? If you guessed horse sodomy, you’re wrong, but close. He’s talking about the subscription model of gaming, and if his words are truly an indication of future trends, we might want to forget that the Call of Duty series ever existed.

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NYC_Gamer3008d ago

i'm not really into online gaming anyway

Nihilism3008d ago

Word. Assholes are spread around in real online gaming, they all tend to congregate in the same place.

Why enjoy a game queitly against the A.I when you can abused online by pre-teens and get death threats :S

pustulio3008d ago

Lol death threats are Hilarious.

PopEmUp3008d ago

like those guys in halo :P

DigitalRaptor3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Anyone who pays for Xbox Live is either desperate or stupid. Simple as.

Microsoft tried to pull that shit on PC, but PC gamers aren't that weak.

Pay for early demos, exclusive features, content, cross-game chat? yeah, ok.

Pay for Online play? HELL NO!

SOAD3008d ago

I will be paying to play Halo Reach for the next 3 years. I don't care what anyone thinks of me because you all won't see me on this site. I will be having a blast, and the people who complain about a 35 dollar yearly fee will be spending their time complaining that others are willing to pay to have fun.

forcefullpower3008d ago

I do find it rather sad you say you will be playing Halo Reach for the next 3 years.

I will hopefully be playing better FPS games every year on year and also not paying 35 quid each year just to play it online. You get one decent FPS every 3 or 4 years and you think its a miracle.

SOAD3007d ago

I find it sad that you've never experienced a game that had such a high level of quality you could play it for years on end. That's what Halo games are, and Half Life game, and Civilization games, and Starcraft.

I find it sad that you put so much value in 35 dollar a year fees. I've had to pay 375 dollars for a book for one college class that lasted a semester. Now you can see how 35 dollars a year doesn't sound like much.

VersusEM3008d ago

luckely I have PSN, PSN gives me the choice to pay like america in many ways.

dkgshiz3008d ago

Seriously, if you like COD. Its most likely your only game and thats all that you play. I have a couple PSN friends that I met online and thats all I ever see them playing. Its pretty disgusting.

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The story is too old to be commented.