Best Xbox 360 RPG: Mass Effect 2

While Bioware had already struck gold with Knights of the Old Republic, it's only during this recent console generation that the developer's dominance over RPGs has become apparent and Mass Effect 2 is a prime example of this.

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NYC_Gamer3010d ago

one of the best wrpgs period

Shoko3010d ago

I don't care what anyone says. Mass Effect TWO is NOT an RPG. The RPG elements in this game were so light. To me, this game is a third-person shooter with a SLIGHT progression system.

Im not saying it's a bad game - it's one of my favorite games this gen, but I just hate how it's counted as an RPG.

MikeTyson3010d ago

shouldn't you be off in your so called "life" instead of on here?

MikeTyson3010d ago

totally agree though :D

great game all around still!

Shoko3010d ago

Lol, shuddup cjasko xD

Nihilism3010d ago

What do you think an RPG is?

A role playing game, you play a role and you control the direction. What other game carries hundreds of decisions across the the previous game. That increase the immersion 10x. There were different classes of weapons, weapon upgrades,different classes of powers and power upgrades, leveling, party member loyalty, dialogue choices ( with greater outcomes that most games where the dialogue is separate from your in game actions ), and non linear is it not an RPG, it is 100% an RPG, it just happens to have guns instead of swords.

There was a lot of strategy needed on the higher difficulties, it was only primarily a shooter if you played it on easy....then party builds and tactics don't matter, you could just shoot. But that is no fault of the game, that is the fault of people being noobs and needing their hand held through games.

ME1 had a lot more choices when you levelled know why?, because in ME2 those choices have changed from being on the level up screen in regards to weapon and armour upgrades to being a separate system. So ALL the same elements existed in ME2.

ME1 had a better story, but ME2 had way better gameplay, and that's because of those changes.

dkp233010d ago

I agree with the assessmnt that ME2 is an RPG. If ME1 is an RPG this game is an RPG. The comment about ME2 not being an RPG I believe is soley based on the combat system...The game elements are the same ..YOu have a main character,you got missions you have choices and the choices you make affect the game...

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DigitalRaptor3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

"The RPG elements in this game were so light. To me, this game is a third-person shooter with a SLIGHT progression system."

QFT Shoko!

TheXgamerLive3010d ago

they've upped the action beyong the first game. I love it. ME2 is all my all time fav game. Fallout 3 is slightly second.

dkp233010d ago

If Mass effect 1 is considered an RPG, dont so why not ME2...I just finished ME last week and am about 10 hours in for ME2....Has the same feel with upgrade system and combat system being different...So instead of the battle system being 3rd person instead of dicerolling type logic, its not an RPG? The game plays the same to me except for the combat/upgrade system...

Gears of war is what you call a third persn shooter...they just implemented a third person system in an WRPG game...

Shoko3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

No, it's the other way around. It's a 3rd person shooter with a [SMALL] implemented RPG system, not an RPG with an implemented 3rd person system.

No one can deny that's it's a 3rd person shooter before it's a RPG.

SOAD3010d ago

It's an RPG, dude. Upgradeable armor, upgradeable weapons, character leveling, party building, sidequests, main quests, inventory system.

It's a fucking RPG. I don't understand this. People find ways to nitpick a game. I wouldn't say anything, but I hear mostly the PS3 side on this site muttering that the game is great but not an RPG. I've played the game for about 15 hours. It's an RPG. It's as much an RPG that Kotor was.

It just happens to be oriented towards shooting. So it's a shooter RPG, like Fallout 3.

Shoko3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

All of those things you listed can be done in ONE press of a button. There's no process, like real RPGs have. Sure it has all those things, but you can't honestly sit there and say it's as deep as let's say, Final Fantasy X and XII. It's way too simple.

In real RPGs, you got to go to dungeons and fight monsters and such to get materials. You don't enter some silly mini game. Think about it man. You find materials, take it to a smith or something of that nature, and there's a success chance, etc. Conduit 2 will have side and main quests, does that mean it's an RPG?

And Im not even a PS3 fanboy. I game on my Wii the most. Mass Effect just feels like a 3rd-person shooter with quick, slapped-on RPG elements.

Also, just about EVERY online FPS has a character leveling system, so does that mean Killzone 2 and MW2 are RPGs? In Killzone you unlock new abilities for your class, in MW2 you unlock guns and perks for your characters each time you rank up. Does that mean it's an RPG?

THECRONAN3010d ago

So its not an RPG cuz they stream lined your inventory so it doesnt take an hour just to equip a weapon?

siliticx3010d ago

its as much an RPG as Diablo 2 was.

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life doomer3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

I think the first mass effect was better than the second because it was more of an rpg.

captain-obvious3010d ago

yah I agree with you
and I like demon souls better
its just more hardcore

Cheeseknight283010d ago

I like Mass Effect 2 because it's the better game. Not necessarily the better RPG, but it's the superior of the two in my opinion.

Solidus187-SCMilk3010d ago

especially how each power had a separate cooldown time.

I still think that that mass effect 2 is the better game. And I am a person who actually loved the mako and RPG elements in ME1.

ME2 simply makes the game much more playable. Im talking about fixing problems like super long loading elevators, texture pop-in and ESPECIALLY THE FRAME RATE.
In ME1 the combat was seriously held back by some of the technical problems. And Me1 or 2, are both about the combat most of the time.

I hope Me3 has the playability of ME2, but with some of the RPG elements of ME1. Maybe more weapons/pickups, exploration with the hammerhead and EXP for killing enemies too, not just for completing missions. But if ME3 has an inventory, I hope they do some revamping from the clutter of the one in ME1, maybe a 'convert all to omni gel' choice.

SOAD3010d ago

Belonging to a certain genre doesn't make it better. By your logic, the first Mass Effect was better any other non-RPG game because it's an RPG. Mass Effect 2 did a lot more things right, and ran smoother. And also, it's still an RPG.

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Myst3010d ago

Lost Odyssey would like see you in it's office and it is not happy >:(

Granted Mass Effect 2 is a great game, heck it's one that I will keep playing over and over again, but in terms of RPG and best I can't help but keep Lost Odyssey at the forefront.

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