First Details: Flight Control HD (PSN)

Chris K writes: "As promised yesterday, we contacted Firemint about the leaked Flight Control HD PSN title. They have just gotten back to us with some details."

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SeanRL3197d ago


It's coming to psn?

Blaine3197d ago

Aww man, I always want my friends to challenge my scores (because I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing that they can't come close!) but they never buy the same games as me. :( Not even DEATHSPANK! :,(

Ravage273197d ago

your highscores might be exactly the thing that is scaring them away :p

LeonSKennedy4Life3197d ago


Who wouldn't buy Death Spank?!?

goxbox3603197d ago

Seem pretty narcissistic there bro.

Jrome3197d ago

Sweet. I play this on my phone all the time :D.

goxbox3603197d ago

It bemuses me that so many people seem interested in this title.

Really, what's the appeal? someone explain it.

Revvin3197d ago

It's just damned addictive, not sure if it would be as much fun on a joypad comparedto my iPhones touch screen but FlightControl and Move would be a lot of fun

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