20° Warhammer Online Public Quests – A Good Idea Gone Bad

We take a look at the public quest system in Warhammer Online. It seemed like a such a great idea, but the reality was less than great. We explore what is actually wrong with the implementation.

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omicron0093008d ago

public quests were real fun early on, but they are just so repetitive by the time you get to lev 40, and long as hell.

Murgatroyd73008d ago

Too bad this didn't pan out properly; it could've been pretty neat.

Fabian3008d ago

Some good points - I always very much liked the concept of the public quest, and I hope it becomes a staple of MMOs. Though Guild Wars 2 actually appears to be doing something similar and yet far more pervasive and dynamic. Nevertheless, it is clear that there are a lot of major issues with the system as it stands in WAR. Hopefully, there is still time to correct them.

RaymondM3006d ago

Hmmm interesting stuff. But I think the idea of public requests can be annoying since catering to the will of the masses is always a stretch. Artists and game creators should be willing to listen and take criticism, but bending over backwards is not something that should be tolerated.