But will people who are tired of FPSs like Medal of Honor?

Nicholas Deleon of Crunch Gear: And let’s just say this now: when the game comes out this fall, I fully expect to see fake outrage from people who excel at spreading fake outrage, like the Drudge Report and Fox News. They’re going to call it “anti-American,” “anti-troops,” or “pro-Taleban” or “pro-al-Qaeda.” This is because the teams are broken up into two parts: the Americans and the Taleban/al-Qaeda (I’m pretty sure you’re only the Taleban in the beta). But honestly, you might as well be playing between the Red team and the Blue team; there’s nothing distinctly “American” when you play as the Americans (well, outside of the equipment you start with) just as there’s nothing distinctly “Taleban” when you play as those guys.

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theonlylolking3008d ago

They will like it since it is a mixture of bad company 2 and COD4.

RememberThe3573008d ago

They will hate it because it add nothing new, innovative, or fun to the online FPS experience.

I really can't help but troll these articles. I am so disappointed with this beta. I wanted to buy this game so bad but when only the single player looks fun, I can't justify it to myself.

captain-obvious3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

i cant get my hands of BFBC2
even though BFBC2 makes me really mad now a days since every one is just loaded with C4's and blows up the M-COMs with the C4 after sneaking around the whole team
i mean this is ridicules everyone that dose this gets like 5000+ score after each game
without killing anyone

DICE should fix this
they should make M-COMs kind of immune to C4's and take away the objective damage bounce

every time they fix something they fuck something else up

Spydiggity3008d ago

if you don't like COD, then you won't like MoH.

if you do like COD, then you're a huge noob.

ExplosionSauce3008d ago

How does this title start with "But..."


mikeslemonade3008d ago

It's going to be the casual gamer that buys this game. You know that casual gamer... who buys Madden, GTA, and Modern Warfare 2. The game is not going to sell well.

AntoineDcoolette3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Why so much hate on Medal of Honor? The Medal of Honor series was great in its first few installments and you know what? THEY HAD NO MULTI PLAYER. Are you telling me that just because its a decade later and if it doesn't have a new, fresh, innovative kickass online mode then that game is crap? No matter how amazing the single player is despite Medal of Honor being renown as a single player series and doing it well?

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Dee_913008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

If you are tired of FPS why the hell would you buy a FPS ?

i didnt read article yet

edit: ohh okay i see wut he means

Solidus187-SCMilk3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

From what I played of it, it was pretty much a complete rip off of COD 4. IT was too similar.

Too bad, as originally COD was heavily influenced by MOH. IW was made up of alot of Guys who made Medal of honor: Allied Assault on PC.
Now MOH is trying to be just like COD.

The beta isnt very good IMO, and defiantly not very original.

Im not tired of FPS at all, but I probably wont even rent it. It would have to have a really great SP for me to rent it, because the multi sucks IMO.

RockmanII73008d ago

With Forge and Custom games, It isn't restricted to a FPS. I've played Racing games, TPS's, and Sport games along with being able to build structure in Forge all in Halo 3.

NYPunkster3008d ago

look at all the negative trash coming out against MoH now. So sick of this bullshit.

the-show-stopper3008d ago

same here
the beta is out and thats all everybody is ragging on, i thought it was fine
everyone is saying that its too much like cod but cod is a modern shooter and moh is a modern shooter also so of course there are going to be similarities

Rob Hornecker3008d ago

Then buy the @#$%ing game and enjoy it for what it's worth!

badz1493007d ago

not with FPS but with the double standards towards MoH! when it comes to MoH or other shooters aside from CoD, it's always about how gamers are tired with shooters, another shooters, again etc. but when it comes to CoD and the upcoming BO, it's always about anticipations! WTF? CoD is as generic as a shooter can get and it's being milk to death already! why can't they just lay off the double standards to the side and treat games equally until at least they are released then decide which is the better game!

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Natsu X FairyTail3008d ago

hey , Im tired of FPS and I Still had plenty of fun with the beta. I'm tired of shooters in a whole but that dint stop me from playing the hell out of KZ2 and COD:WoW. just sayin.

NecrumSlavery3008d ago

But will people who are tired of FPSs like Medal of Honor?


but i think we should ask this after the game gets released. i don't think people will avoid moh because of there lack of interest in shooters. i mean there's cod bo, bulletstorm, fallout new vegas and reach coming this fall. these games should sell very well, as expected (maybe not bulletstorm, as much). but moh looks to be playing catchup, and people are to integrated into the cod scene, they may not want to give it a chance.

tdogchristy903008d ago

I'm so tired of hearing people say that it sucks, it's just like cod and adds nothing new. Well it's a FPS what else do you expect, you point and shoot, that's it. I'm only 22 but I've always been much more of a singleplayer person than a multiplayer one. Singleplayer is all about the story, again multiplayer is all the same so it's not as great to me as singleplayer is. Besides I don't have time to get pissed on by those who don't have a life.

Playerz83008d ago

It's like Halo....You just point and shoot.Hahaha

Rob Hornecker3008d ago

The single player maybe its only salvation.As you said,it's all about the "story". Lets hope its good!

As for the beta,i'm NOT impressed! Then weapon loadouts are a throwback to WW2 sims,theres NO chat with squad members( unless it in a party),No decent on screen map to speak of,and as other postings mention,theres nothing new and inovative .

After a long wait for this beta,I have been tempted to cancel my order for it and hold out for Ghost recon future solider. Perhaps EA/Dice will cancel this mess of a game and go back to the drawing board.

MadMen3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

People who dont like FPS should be shot, in and out of the game

FPS are a clan of their own, just like RPG lovers etc

I dont like activison so this is a buy for me i dont support anything they do or games they produce because of what they want to do to the industry

FPS shooters can only change in a few ways, the atmosphere and the type of objective, most people buy it based on atmosphere WW2, SCI FI etc

tdogchristy903008d ago

I couldn't agree more about the atmosphere. that's why this game is a must buy for me in terms of singleplayer. The atmosphere and being based on real events like the afghanistan war or the ww2 games of old is what I'm so excited for. Being a history major this is like Gold for me lol.

the-show-stopper3008d ago

this singleplayer is going to be awesome while the multiplayer is icing on the cake

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