MCV's first half of 2010 software sales data for UK.

"MCV is a trade magazine out of the United Kingdom that focuses on the business side of the video game industry, as well as acts as a provider for game sales. Just like how Famitsu and NPD provided data for the first half of 2010, it’s now MCV’s turn. Below is a look at this year’s best selling games from January 1st through June 30th."

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Bethany3198d ago

What a good day for sales information.

trounbyfire3198d ago

com on if we are going to argue about sales it might as well be the regional sales

GeorgeAnimal3197d ago

On the other hand I wish we had the whole Europe's data but this is great for now becuse I was just talking about this in another entry how I want some European data. Better than nothing

3196d ago