Joystiq interview: Cliffy B

Yesterday, Joystiq sat down with video game standout Cliffy B and spoke with him about everything from Epic's upcoming 360 savior Gears of War to the recent E3 news. As usual, Cliffy was very open and honest and more than willing to answer anything thrown at him.

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PS360PCROCKS5397d ago

What!? cool!? that was soo short

andy capps5397d ago

Sometimes he's really cool, and others he just seems annoying. This was one of the annoying ones for me. Saying he'll buy a PS3 after a price drop, please. I'm sure he has plenty of money and will probably buy one right at launch. It just seemed like a MS fanboyish comment to me, that's all. But usually his interviews are really good and I enjoy his comments.

USMChardcharger5397d ago

i think he is expressing in a nice way that he thinks the PS3 is too expensive.

the only real good question that got a answer worth or knowing was how is it to develop on the 360.

he says easy...a straight shot from PC to 360. that has to be nice for developers.

andy capps5397d ago

Well yeah, it makes it easier when you have an engine such as Unreal Engine 3 that has most of the hard stuff already done and built in support for multithreading. It's the same scenario as when Mark Rein of Epic said that they were surprised at how fast they were able to get Unreal Tournament 2007 running on the early PS3 dev kits with unoptimized code at 48 FPS. That may speak more of the speed of the PPU part of the Cell, but it also shows that Unreal knows how to build a great engine even if I think it's being overused a lot right now. Also, it helps that 360 is the same architectures as PC games that Epic is used to working on.