Ripten: WoW: Cataclysm Beta Impressions

Ripten writes: Nostalgia. This was the feeling I had when stepping into the Cataclysm beta, and just like countless others, the first thing that I did was fly around in the new Azeroth. While flying around, I found myself thinking various thoughts over and over that all started with “I remember when” and concluded with the addition of a random WoW experience.

It didn’t take long to notice the time saving difference, or how much smaller the world had seemingly become with the addition of flight. The travel time it takes to get from point “A” to point “B” is not the boring trek across massive landscapes on foot that it use to be. I can personally recall walking across the Barrens, waving at the lions and random pink raptors mindlessly patrolling back and forth just to get to the Thousand Needles entrance in the South (which is now completely under water). Painstaking memories aside, I’m kind of happy that we can now make it from one end of the barrens to the other in under 2 minutes.

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