Who Does It Best – Hype

Hype is a major element in every developer’s strategy, because even though you know your game is bad, you can still manage to sell millions of copies if you take care of your marketing department. At least on launch day anyway. Of course, hype is not a bad thing itself. Without it, there would be many unknown good games out there. So let’s see who does it best now, shall we?

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rroded3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )


guys can hype like nobodies business

funny cause you have the halo line up on the first pick outta your list id say none of em...

insomniac not so much they jus let their pimp do it for em... cough atvisionwhores...

Valve was never big on hype their games used to do the talking but they sold out around the time orange box hit portal 1.5 might b worth a look still aint payin no 60 bucks for it.

Crytec till i see it running on console n doing something more exciting than their las fps on the pc meh tho they do hype ok It'll prob b bigger now that their makin a 360 exclusive. (ie the let the hyping begin)

still lots of other companies that do hype better (legit) look at companies like naughtydog or Sony Santa Monica no doubt the best quality hype you get if anything understated when the games hit...
Then we got companies like insomniac who dont really hype em their jus so good the games hype themselves if u know what i mean... Kinda the way valve used to b b4 they realised putting out lfd ms style made em cash. More hype than substance as a gamer cant say this dont worry me. If crap games make more money how many great games are left? Whos going to push boundries in the art of gaming when they make more money following lfd route...

GWAVE3061d ago

When I saw the title, I thought first of MS.

Only they could take the Eyetoy, improve it (slightly), and market it as the next biggest thing. And it's only Microsoft that the media would believe in this sort of thing. If Kinect was coming to the PS3 and the Move was coming to 360, you can bet the media would actually start talking about the things that matter: software support, accuracy, etc., instead of blindly drooling over Dance Dance Revolution: Camera Edition and saying "don't be a meanie! Kinect isn't aimed at us hardcore!"

DigitalRaptor3061d ago

So true. Microsoft get's away with so many undeserved free passes in this industry it's actually sickening.

WLPowell3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

G4TV's article saying the industry needed more games like ODST, and less like Uncharted 2. and their comments section was filled with "I agree"... Last time I visited

But it's G4TV, everything Sony does is a terrible idea until it's widely known that something is a good idea by everyone else, then G4 will turn around and say "oh yeah, we think the same". (waiting for XPlay to explain why achievements are the greatest thing ever, but trophies are useless, or do a 180 and start praising trophies once IGN/gamespot writes some more articles on it)